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Impermium Introduces Its Impermium Intelligent Content Protection for Brands

Newest Service is the First Dedicated to Protecting Brands from Social Spam by Actively Monitoring Content on the Social Web

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Impermium, the leader in user-generated content management and brand protection for web sites, today announced the release of Impermium Intelligent Content Protection (ICP), the first service that helps brands actively manage malicious social web content. As social networks and user-generated content continue to grow in popularity, so are the number of hackers and cybercriminals searching for new ways to infiltrate the social web to spread offensive and unacceptable content, which can result in ad-revenue loss and damage to a company’s brand. ICP provides flexible, automated management of UGC streams across company web sites, improving the user experience and reducing damage to the company brand image.

“Brands are seeing an alarming increase in social spam, hacking, and abuse, all of which can severely damage how users and advertisers engage with a company,” said Mark Risher, CEO of Impermium. “We designed Impermium Intelligent Content Protection to help sites manage and eliminate this growing problem by providing them with a reliable protection service that removes offensive and unsolicited content in real-time. With Impermium ICP, companies can insure against brand damage, search-engine (SEO) penalties, and advertising revenue loss that malicious content brings.”

Impermium Intelligent Content Protection works as soon as a comment or post is submitted on a company’s site. Content is analyzed across hundreds of dimensions to identify violence, racism, hate speech, profanity, and other forms of offensive content. From there, entries can be blocked, allowed, or handled in a custom workflow based upon the company’s custom site policy. Impermium ICP is used on sites of all sizes to provide accurate protection for many diverse types of user-generated content, including comments, reviews, captions, chat messages, and message board posts.

The Impermium ICP system relies on three key pillars to accurately and effectively protect brands: its artificial intelligence-based language and content analysis engine; its “user reputation” database to detect repeat offenders; and its global threat network of more than 300,000 web sites, portals, social networks, and related properties around the Internet.

“Impermium is at the forefront of building technology to defend the web from the very serious and growing problems of social spam, identity hijacking, and other malicious attacks and Impermium ICP is the latest example of the services we provide,” said Risher. “As brands and publishers become more sensitive to malicious content, social spam, and the damage done by harmful users, Impermium is committed to providing powerful, effective, real-time protection services.”

ICP is supported by many of the most popular commenting platforms and content management systems including WordPress, Disqus, Livefyre, and Squarespace.

Impermium Intelligent Content Protection is available for customers now. To learn more about ICP offerings, please visit:

About Impermium

Impermium provides user-generated content management for web sites and social networks, defending them against social spam, fake registrations, racist and inappropriate language, and other forms of abuse. Our system combines advanced technology and broad, Internet scale threat information to provide cost-effective, real-time protection for more than 300,000 sites across the globe.

Founded in 2010 and launched in 2011, Impermium is backed by Accel Partners, Charles River Ventures, Greylock Partners, Highland Capital Partners, and the Social+Capital Partnership.

For more information, visit Impermium at or follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.

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