Indonesia's Bakries say phones, emails hacked

LONDON, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Telephones and email accountsbelonging to Indonesia's politically connected Bakrie family andtheir group of companies have been infiltrated and compromised,a group official said, adding the crime has been reported toIndonesian police.

The news comes a day ahead of a board meeting ofLondon-listed coal miner Bumi Plc , in which the familyare major investors. Directors are expected to discuss issuesincluding a probe over financial irregularities at an Indonesianaffiliate, Bumi Resources , which has revived tensionsamong major Bumi Plc shareholders.

"We are aware that our email servers and telephones havebeen compromised or "hacked" and we have reported this to theIndonesian National Police, Cyber Crime Unit," Christopher Fong,Bakrie Group Senior Vice President, said.

He added the group had "strong suspicions" on who is behindthe multiple attacks, but declined to comment further.

(Reporting by Clara Ferreira-Marques and Janeman Latul; Editingby Chris Wickham)

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