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Jerome Cheese Factory will not tolerate animal cruelty

JEROME, Idaho, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Davisco Foods International, Inc. is aware of recent footage taken of animal mistreatment at Dry Creek Dairy, a milk supplier to Davisco's Jerome Cheese factory.

"Animal welfare is a top priority for Davisco Foods International, Inc. and we take any claim about the mistreatment of animals seriously. State authorities will be prosecuting the individuals involved, and we fully support legal actions against those involved," said Jon Davis, Chief Executive Officer for Davisco Foods International, Inc.

For dairy businesses, monitoring the welfare of animals is essential to producing the highest quality and largest quantity of milk. Increasing a cow's comfort, reducing levels of stress, and proper nutrition, all play an integral role in Davisco's long-standing reputation for high-quality dairy products. Davisco prides itself in exceeding customer's expectations with their dairy products and without the proper treatment of their animals would never have been able to develop a long-standing reputation for excellence in taste and quality.   

"Davisco will continue to hold all of its milk suppliers to the highest of standards in regards to the proper care and humane treatment of animals. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or your sales representative at 952-914-0400," said Davis. 

Davisco Foods International is a privately held family owned dairy company headquartered in LeSueur, MN.

SOURCE Davisco Foods International, Inc.