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Kitchen Brains® Launches New Temp Monitoring System

RM-200 Provides Remote Reporting Access, 24 Hr Automatic Alerts

STRATFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- As the global leader in the development and deployment of integrated, end-to-end, wireless M2M networking solutions and SAAS applications, Kitchen Brains® is once again revolutionizing the commercial kitchen/food service industry with the release of RM-200.

RM-200 is an innovative, networked temperature monitoring solution that uses state of the art technology to provide remote reporting access to all temperature sensitive products.

An early adopter was Alleghany Meats, a member owned LLC consisting of livestock producers and other community members from four counties in western Virginia and West Virginia. General Manager, Chris Fuller, says RM-200 provides peace of mind for members, whose assets depend on proper temperatures.

“We need to know if our refrigeration systems are maintaining the proper temperatures. This is especially important when no one is on site,” says Fuller. “The RM-200 remote temperature monitoring system immediately provides an email alert when the temperature in one of our refrigerated rooms exceeds a preset threshold for a defined period of time.”

RM-200 sensors connect wirelessly to a communications hub that is connected to the company’s onsite network. When the temperature in an area exceeds the predefined conditions an alert is sent to the Kitchen Brains® Direct Help Desk and anyone designated to receive the alerts.

Features of RM-200 include:

  • Monitor temperatures 24/7 on a secure network
  • Ability to change vital temperature thresholds
  • Receive mobile alerts of critical temperature changes in your refrigerator, freezer, holding cabinet, proofing cabinet and any other sensitive area
  • Produce HACCP reports
  • Receive important updates about your sensor
  • Receive support 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Data warehousing “in the cloud” readily available

“The system is easy to configure and provides a wide array of configuration choices,” notes Fuller. “The reporting functionality is exceptional. It allows me to look at the temperature profile of each refrigerated area for every day since the facility began operations. Should the USDA need to see proof of the refrigerated condition of our products for a specific time, I can pull up a report for the time requested and simply print it out.”

Fuller says the installation of the wireless system was simple and straightforward, with the only power requirement being a base station which was conveniently located in a central location.

“As the General Manager of Alleghany Meats, I am very pleased with our decision to install RM-200. When I leave the facility each evening, I know that the thousands of dollars of our customer’s meat products are safely protected and should a refrigeration system fail, I will know about it with plenty of time to take corrective action,” concludes Fuller.

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Kitchen Brains®, driven by (FAST.), networked by SCK®, is a pioneer and global leader in the development and deployment of integrated, end-to-end, wireless M2M networking solutions and SAAS applications for the commercial kitchen/food service industry. Known for its line of innovative cooking timers and process controllers, The Kitchen Brains® technology connects all components of food preparation--refrigeration, cooking, rethermalization, baking, and holding--into a seamless environment managed and accessible, even remotely, from anywhere. Kitchen Brains® streamlines equipment diagnostics, maintenance and service, while reducing operating costs and increasing sales for retail and OEM providers.

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