Press Releases Makes On-the-Go Dating a Cinch

TORONTO, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- For most urban singles, the term 'crazy-busy' is less buzzword than fact of life. From work to workouts, friends to family, obligations never cease. But your online dating adventures needn't wait until you can finally sit down and log in., the leader in online dating, heralds Lavalife Mobile, which lets busy singles stay connected 24/7 – at the gym, in the supermarket lineup, on the bus - using their iPhone, Blackberry or Android devices.

Lavalife Mobile builds on the rich, multi-pronged user experience offered on the main site but at warp speed. Singles can check emails and smiles in a snap with full access to just an icon-click away.

Time-crunched Mobile users can also instantly access FAQs, review site features and safety tips and search member profiles which are showcased in clean, accessible formats. As with the main site, ease-of-use and variety are Lavalife Mobile hallmarks.

"The site offers members so many choices, but the core of the experience is connecting with like-minded others," says Kevin Johnson,'s Director of Operations. "Lavalife Mobile puts those connections at our members' fingertips, allowing singles to check their mailboxes throughout the day, keeping them linked into the community from anywhere at any time."

Lavalife Mobile, which is free to all members, builds on an innovative portfolio of features unique to the brand, including instant messaging temporary turn-off and Call Me Request, permitting members to advance from online to land-line instantly.

To use Lavalife Mobile just visit on your Blackberry, iPhone or Android device.