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LiveLOOK Launches Live Chat Solution at ICMI's 2012 Call Center Demo & Conference

DALLAS, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LiveLOOK, a leader in co-browsing technology for sales and customer service, announced the launch of its new Live Chat solution today at the ICMI Call Center Demo & Conference, which takes place this week in Dallas, TX.


A completely browser-based solution designed to promote seamless integration with other systems and workflows, LiveLOOK Chat meets LiveLOOK's established standard of fast, universally compatible, easy-to-deploy, and security-rich products. Developed in response to requests from existing co-browse customers looking for a better way to solve service issues and provide assistance during the online sales process, major benefits include:

  • Optimized integration of co-browsing functionality within the agent console.
  • Agents are able to suggest co-browsing and launch a session with a customer within a matter of seconds and with just one click.
  • The co-browse display within the agent console is designed to make it easy for the agent to see the customer's screen, guide the customer through site content, and chat simultaneously. 
  • For the customer, the chat window stays positioned to allow for simultaneous browsing and chatting simultaneously, resulting in an optimal customer experience.

"We are really excited about our new Chat product," said Igor Khalatian, LiveLOOK's CEO. "We've built a solution that includes all the functionality that businesses are looking for, and streamlined it so it's faster, easier to use, and combines seamlessly with the co-browse experience." 

"We're thrilled that LiveLOOK has chosen Call Center Demo and Conference as the destination to preview their new live chat solution." said Laura Quinn, Events Manager for ICMI. "ICMI has long been a leader in the call center industry, and this event is the ideal venue for exhibitors to reveal their newest creations to an audience of qualified professionals who are actively seeking innovative solutions to their day-to-day challenges. We look forward to providing our attendees with a 'first look' at this exciting industry offering."

The first release of LiveLOOK Chat is available immediately, and LiveLOOK is still accepting applications to participate in a Beta testing program for the next release.

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About LiveLOOK
LiveLOOK is an innovator in visual sharing and real-time online interaction. LiveLOOK's products enable instant-launch, universally compatible Web collaboration via screen sharing and live chat. Companies incorporate LiveLOOK's solutions into customer experience and online sales strategies in order to guide customers through resolution of service issues and completion of purchases.  LiveLOOK has pioneered the most robust security and privacy options available for companies that collaborate with online customers, making LiveLOOK solutions especially attractive to financial organizations, online retailers, regulated industries and other companies interested in balancing exceptional service with best-in-class security. For more information, visit

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