Management Tip of the Day: Try not responding for a change

BOSTON, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Next time you answer an email atmidnight it might be time to think about breaking the cycle ofresponsiveness you are wrapped up in, says Harvard BusinessReview.

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"Once you answer an email at midnight, or take a call onyour vacation, you've set the expectation that you're always'on.' Your team will keep asking things of you, and you'lllikely continue to accommodate them. That is, until you breakthe cycle.

Here's how:

1. Join forces. Talk to those with whom you interact mostfrequently and agree on times when you'll all be offline andunavailable. Maybe it's an evening off, an email blackout overthe weekend, or uninterrupted work times during the day.

2. Experience the joy of turning off. Pay attention to whatit feels like to be offline. It may be hard at first but you'llenjoy the benefits of relaxation and increased focus soonenough.

3. Talk about it. Regularly ask your team how it's going: Doyou need to make adjustments to the offline schedule oragreements?"

- Today's management tip was adapted from "Are You Sleepingwith Your Smartphone?" by Leslie A. Perlow.

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