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Mark Cuban Invests In Human Language Technology Firm LinguaSys

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LinguaSys, Inc., an international provider of human language technologies producing highly customized Text Analytics, Translation and Natural Language User Interface software, today announced that hi-tech billionaire, entrepreneur, sports and technology mogul, Mark Cuban, has acquired a significant position in the Company.  Cuban owns the NBA World Champion Dallas Mavericks.

LinguaSys uniquely analyzes content in its native language, providing human language technologies to some of the world's largest mutual fund companies, commercial banks, hoteliers and government contractors.  Its software contextually interprets the meaning and intent of written language in any of LinguaSys' currently supported languages, the result of its proprietary, patent-pending engine, Carabao.  Once Carabao discerns the meaning of content, it provides natural language understanding, text analysis or translates the meaning into other languages.  LinguaSys delivers automatic domain detection resulting in improved fidelity, sentiment at the sentence level, collections of synonym-based word families and the addition and deployment of new languages and lexicons faster and more easily than competitors.  LinguaSys creates new value for large enterprises and governments seeking meaningful data in multiple languages in social networks and big data stores. 

"LinguaSys' unique entry into the world of human language technologies is transforming the way large enterprises can tap into stores of content across language boundaries and conduct global business," said Mark Cuban.  "I pride myself on identifying technological breakthroughs, and I'm excited to be backing LinguaSys' matchless offerings."

LinguaSys enables more accurate search and translation of both industry-specific and public (e.g., Tweets) free-text data, serving needs contributing to the $30B plus annual spend on translation of all types due to tremendous growth in business globalization and the proliferation of cross-border social networking.  LinguaSys changes the way large enterprises and governments can look at big data, and uniquely competes in the automated question/answer technology space across languages.  A chatbot created with Carabao's Natural Language Understanding Interface tools will accept a conversation in any supported LinguaSys language.     

"Mr. Cuban's support allows LinguaSys to accelerate the creation of innovative solutions for enterprise, government and consumer use," said Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys.  "We're confident our partnership with Mark Cuban will create even more opportunities and open new avenues for growth."

In addition to the Mavs, Cuban owns Landmark Theaters as well as the HDNet cable network, and is a best-selling author with his 2011 ebook How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It. 

About LinguaSys
LinguaSys, Inc., is an international human language technology company that produces customized, secure enterprise and mobile Machine Translation (MT),  Text Analytics solutions and Natural Language User Interfaces based on LinguaSys' proprietary Carabao and TG line (Translation Generation) of server-based and mobile products for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and consumer smart phones.  LinguaSys' patent-pending Carabao technology is superior to large search engine translation, and offers understanding and analysis of content in its native language.  With over 30 years of combined experience between its three founders using multiple MT systems, LinguaSys is well-positioned to understand the needs of enterprise and retail users of MT.  LinguaSys caters to enterprise customers who are currently underserved in quality, language availability and customization capability by current enterprise MT players.  LinguaSys is headquartered at the Technology Business Incubator in Florida Atlantic Research & Development Park in Boca Raton, FL.  LinguaSys has offices in Melbourne, Australia and Darmstadt, Germany.  @LinguaSys33431

LinguaSys is an IBM Business Partner.

Brian Garr
CEO, LinguaSys


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