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MyEdu Now Connects College Students with Employers to Increase Job and Internship Placement

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today MyEdu, the nation's leading online student platform for planning and completing college, unveiled the MyEdu Student Profile and MyEdu for Employers.  These new products, which are available at, extend the company's mission – to maximize each student's return on education – by improving access to quality job prospects for students.

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"Having already helped millions of students navigate a clear path to their academic goals, MyEdu is now tackling the challenge of matching students and young professionals with employers," says Michael Crosno, Founder, Chairman and CEO of MyEdu.  "Our mission is to help all students achieve their goals and get the best return on what they invest in their education. Finding the right job or internship is a huge part of that."

Since 2011, MyEdu has provided over 5 million students across the country with the tools and confidence to graduate in less time and reduce the cost of earning their degree. The new MyEdu for Employers platform bridges the gap between higher education and employment. Top corporations in the oil and gas, financial, retail and IT industries are turning to MyEdu to leverage the company's unique relationship with students and rich academic data to improve their college recruiting efforts.  Some of the corporate pilot program members include Ernst & Young, VMware, Macy's and ADP.

In addition to new tools for recruiters and employers, the company is launching a new MyEdu Student Profile to help members showcase their skills and experience.  The new profile allows students to visually showcase their classes, projects, internships and the talents and passions that make each student unique.

"Students have repeatedly told us that they are not well served by the traditional resume or most professional networking sites," says Frank Lyman, SVP of Products & Marketing at MyEdu. "It takes more than reading a list of historical jobs to truly understand what a student or young professional is capable of.  Our goal is to help MyEdu members tell their stories through a unique visual experience and the data that powers the MyEdu platform.  We believe that with a better tool to showcase their talents, more students will achieve their academic and professional goals."

How the New Platform Works

For Students:
As students use MyEdu's academic tools, data, and insights they build a unique MyEdu Student Profile using a simple visual interface.  Through the MyEdu Student Profile students can:

  • Feature their coursework, skills, talents, and experiences
  • Highlight other personal experiences like group projects, language skills, military service, certifications, work history and philanthropy
  • Visually tell their stories and connect with peers and employers to discover new academic and career opportunities

For Employers:
MyEdu for Employers improves employers' ability to hire the best talent by extending their reach across campuses, connecting earlier with students to build their company's brand, and identifying and building relationships with highly targeted potential candidates.  At MyEdu recruiters can:

  • Target job postings and identify candidates using specific criteria such as school, major, graduation year, courses taken, work and extracurricular experiences
  • Identify students with unique experience and passions outside of the classroom
  • Interact directly with students and mentor those who seek advice on courses, skills, and activities that will prepare them for a desired career
  • Develop unique insights into candidates using MyEdu's rich academic data

About Return on Education:
Today, only 56% of college students are graduating within six years, and one out of two recent graduates are unemployed or underemployed.  MyEdu's mission is to help all students achieve their goals and get the best return on what they are investing in their education.  MyEdu calls this return on education or R-O-E.  The company is bringing employers and students together to help students to understand the skills they need to get a job or college internship and help employers to find the right people for their business.

About MyEdu:
MyEdu is the leading academic and careers platform helping students complete college and find internships and jobs.  MyEdu's free tools and rich academic data have been used by millions of students to graduate in less time and reduce the cost of earning their degree.  The MyEdu Student Profile allows students to visually showcase their coursework, skills, talents and experiences. MyEdu for Employers brings students and employers together on a common platform, extending MyEdu's mission to maximize each student's return on education by improving the job placement process. MyEdu is currently used by millions of students at over 800 campuses nationwide and has been endorsed by major higher education institutions.  The company's investors include Bain Capital Ventures and the University of Texas System.  Please visit to learn more.

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