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New Medical Device Research Reports Reveal Shifting Market Trends for Molecular Imaging Agents, Lab Instrument Rentals, Tamper Evident Caps, and More

FARMINGTON, Conn., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- New market research reports available from Global Information Inc (GII) offer unique and valuable insight into several strong and steady medical device markets, including molecular imaging, lab rentals, tamper evident caps for syringes, and disposable pain pumps. These reports provide detailed information that will prove indispensable for CEOs, marketers, product managers, suppliers, service providers, entrepreneurs, government agencies, investors, analysts and regulators.


GII publish new market research reports daily, with a full listing available on their website: With over 150 new medical devices market research reports published in just the last month, GII is the go-to place for staying on top of this dynamic, shifting market. See new reports daily at our website, or contact us today for more information.

Molecular Imaging Agents: Targets, Technology, Markets and Commercial Opportunities

Driven by advances in molecular probe design and biomarker detection methodologies, new imaging agents that can improve visualization of pathologies and cellular processes are changing the practice of diagnostic medicine. The ability of this new generation of contrast agents to detect metabolic changes at the molecular level has significant potential for improving visualization and quality of care. Targetable and activatable imaging agents are gaining interest for a wide range of diagnostic applications that include cardiology, neurology and soft tissue tumor detection. The number of healthcare conditions that can be effectively imaged noninvasively is expanding as a result of these innovative detection technologies. Targeted and activatable imaging agents offer a unique capability to generate unambiguous images by exploiting specific molecular targets, pathways or cellular processes. This new wave of imaging agents signals a paradigm shift in which the reagents take on new importance.

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Lab Instrument Rental Trends 2012

Many labs are experiencing serious budgetary constraints in purchasing new lab instruments today. But owning laboratory instrumentation and the outright purchase model still remains the norm in life science research in academia, pharma and biotech today. This may all change, as organizations increasingly realize that owning expensive assets that depreciate rapidly and are costly to service may not make best business sense. Discussion and debate around alternative acquisition strategies involving instrument rental/lease has started to occur as a few vendors begin to offer/consider instrument rental.

The aim of this global benchmarking study was to track to emergence of this life science trend. The objective was to understand the appetite for change and willingness to engage in investigating lab instrument rental/lease as a viable alternative to the outright purchase model. The results of this survey are intended to be used by instrument vendors/suppliers considering if they should make more instruments available for rental/lease. The report is based on 105 responses mainly from University, Pharma and Biotech research labs in North America and Europe.

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U.S. Market for Tamper Evident Caps for IV & Oral Syringes

Prefilled syringes not only address drug and device manufacturers' concerns about drug overfill but also customers' increasing concerns over patient safety and increasing procedural costs. Prefilled syringes are convenient and cost-effective devices that can be easily stored and disposed of, and they increase the likelihood of the drug being sterile and having the proper dosage, which is becoming an increasingly important factor as newer high-potency, longer-lasting drugs are being used across the medical industry.

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U.S. Market for Disposable Pain Pumps

Ambulatory infusion pumps were a critical addition to the infusion therapy market, as they allowed patients to be more mobile during therapy sessions. These devices were usually battery-powered and could be placed in a backpack or pocket. They are inexpensive and easy to use, and free up hospital beds for patients with more debilitating ailments. The rise of the home and alternate care segments in the medical device market not only increased the need for ambulatory infusion pumps, but also allowed device manufacturers to develop a new type of device for the specific needs of these segments. These alternate care settings tend to be much more sensitive to device cost and overhead costs associated with the infusion therapy. Conventional infusion pumps not only require a large initial investment to purchase, but there are also additional costs associated with maintenance and sterilization. Additionally, conventional infusion pumps, particularly those referred to as smart pumps, which have extensive drug libraries and safety features, can require extensive training before they can be used properly and effectively.

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