NJ's Homestead credit deadline extended

TRENTON, N.J. -- New Jersey homeowners will have more time to apply for property tax credits, but they'll get them later than originally planned.

The state on Tuesday announced that it would extend the deadline for applying for Homestead credits to Dec. 14 from Oct. 19. The original deadline was June 30.

The Treasury Department says the change will allow more people to apply. So far, about 1 million taxpayers have applied, but an estimated 650,000 more are eligible but haven't applied.

As a result, the state now says that the rebates will appear on May 2013 property tax bills. Most were scheduled to appear in February 2013. The credits are to average $477.

Senior citizens and disabled homeowners with incomes under $150,000 are eligible. Non-senior, non-disabled homeowners with incomes under $75,000 qualify.