Northern NV gas prices shoot up along with Calif.

LAS VEGAS -- Nevada's average gas price is $3.93 per gallon after northern city prices shot up in line with California and southern cities trailed far behind.

AAA says Tuesday that some northern Nevada metropolitan areas supplied by California saw their fuel prices jump 24 cents in a single week. The price hike is blamed on a power outage at an Exxon Mobil Corp. refinery in Southern California.

The average gas price in Sparks is $4.28 per gallon, while Reno stands at $4.24 and Carson City gas averages $4.22.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas gas costs $3.77 per gallon and North Las Vegas gas averages $3.73.

Nevada's average gas price is 12 cents up from a month ago and 33 cents up from a year ago.

The state's average price ranks 10th in the nation.