NORWAY GAS-Flows to Britain drop sharply

* Output from Nyhamna gas plant reduced by 35 mcm/day

* Flows to Britain more than halved from previous day

OSLO, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Norwegian gas exports to Europefell on Wednesday morning as output from the Nyhamna gas planthas been reduced due to technical problems, resulting in a sharpdrop in supplies to Britain, data from gas system operatorGassco showed.

Exports to Europe including Britain dropped by 38.5 millioncubic metres (mcm) to 234 mcm per day by 0615 GMT compared withthe 272.5 mcm daily average on Tuesday.

The export figures are based on gas fed into the system at acertain point in time and calculated to a daily average.

Supplies to Britain, Europe's most traded market plunged by37.2 mcm to 27.4 mcm as flows through the Langeled pipelinedropped by 32.8 mcm to 7.3 mcm on Wednesday morning.

Power consumption ramp up at Royal Dutch Shell's


mcm Nyhamna plant which feeds the Langeled pipeline has beendelayed for a day, until Thursday, the Nordic power exchangesaid.

Changes in power consumption at the plant indicate changesin gas production.

In a separate message earlier, Gassco said Nyhamna's outputwas to be reduced by 35 mcm per day, and the outage duration wasunknown.

Combined flows to the Netherlands and Germany rose by 3.2mcm to 129.6 mcm, while deliveries to Belgium were down by 3.8mcm to 32.4 mcm.

Exports to France remained broadly stable at 44.6 mcm.

Volumes can change throughout the day as producers adjustthe amount of gas they pump into the system.

Norway is the second-biggest pipeline gas supplier to Europeafter Russia.

Spot price settlements at European gas trading hubs:

Gas hub Pvs trading session October 9NBP 27.1/64.2 27.0/63.8TTF 26.8 26.6NCG 26.7 26.9Gaspool 26.6 27.0Zeebrugge 26.8 26.8Peg Nord 26.8 26.9Peg Sud 28.9 28.6Oil-indexed price 37.36/87.12 37.36/87.12

NOTE: Prices are in euros per megawatt-hours, except for NBP andoil-indexed prices, which are also given in pence per therm.The oil-indexed price is a monthly estimate by Thomson ReutersPoint Carbon.

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