PRESS DIGEST-Canada-Oct 10

Oct 10 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories fromselected Canadian newspapers. Reuters has not verified thesestories and does not vouch for their accuracy.


* The Montreal region was rattled by an earthquake strongenough to wake some people from their slumber just aftermidnight Wednesday.

* After almost a year of waiting, Canada has formally joinedmajor Pacific Rim trade talks - negotiations that will putpressure on Ottawa to ratchet back protections shelteringCanadian dairy, egg and poultry farmers from foreigncompetition.

Reports in the business section:

* Telus Corp is poised to launch an app on Wednesdaythat will allow its 600,000 home television subscribers tochannel surf on Telus's Optik TV service using an iPhone or iPadinstead of the remote control, in one of the biggest upgradessince remotes went wireless in the 1980s.

* Polar Mobile, one of Canada's fastest-growing mobilestart-ups, is completely overhauling the way it does business,switching focus from building apps for specific smartphones andinstead designing software that runs on any mobile device. Atthe heart of the company's transition is HTML 5.


* The United Church of Canada is poised to strike a specialtask force dedicated to uncovering historic forced adoptionpractices, just as a national group prepares for anunprecedented conference next week that it hopes will catapultthe topic squarely on to the public agenda and pressure thefederal government to call an inquiry.

* Quebec's corruption inquiry has exploded onto theprovincial stage with allegations of illegal political financingby the recently defeated Charest Liberals, the same party thatreluctantly called the probe. After having already allegedrampant kickbacks, Mafia ties and bid-rigging at the municipallevel, a star witness has now made scathing accusations ofinfluence-peddling under the ex-Liberal government.


* If Chinese telecom firms are allowed to providecomponents for Canadian networks, the rising Communistsuperpower could compromise this country's security, expertssaid Tuesday, adding that such risk remains high regardless ofwhere suppliers are based.

The warning comes in the wake of a report this week from theUnited States Congressional Intelligence Committee that labeledboth Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and ZTE Corp

as national security threats.

* Canada's economic growth is being driven by resource-richWestern provinces, according to a Bank of Montreal reportreleased Tuesday. Alberta leads the pack, with the bankpredicting 3.5 percent real GDP growth this year, falling back abit to 2.9 percent in 2013.

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