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Reality TV Has Gone to the Birds with New Parrot Training Program on DVD

SEATTLE, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine if Extreme Makeover worked with parrots instead of houses.

A new reality TV program called "One Day Miracles" helps bird owners learn how to communicate properly with their pets so they can earn their birds love and affection and live together without issues like biting and screaming that commonly accompany parrot ownership.

In 12 episodes full of laughter, drama and spot-on training in this bird training reality series on DVD, husband and wife team Dave and Jamie Womach of hit the road to help 12 regular families who are struggling to overcome a variety of relationship challenges with their exotic birds.

Without a script - and with a professional film crew rolling their cameras from the moment they arrive - Dave and Jamie use their combined 15 years of bird training experience so they can work live in the moment with these families and their birds to stop problem behaviors like:

  • Biting
  • Attacking
  • Screaming
  • Hand Aggression
  • Doesn't Like To Be Pet
  • Cage Territorialism
  • A General Distrust Of People
  • Not Listening To Commands
  • 'Running' Away
  • Not Going Back To Cage
  • Running Up Your Arm
  • Refusing To Get Off Your Shoulder
  • Ignoring The Step Up Command
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Favoring One Person
  • Hating One Sex (i.e. All Men)
  • Refusing To Eat Healthy Foods
  • Won't Stay On Perch
  • And Much More!

To see segments from the shows, go to

"Do you have a bird that won't listen? What if you could get the bird to love and trust you in just one day?" said Dave Womach a co-founder of, the world's largest and most comprehensive bird training website, with over 120,000 loyal followers and fans. "It's everything the books haven't told you about winning the love, trust, and respect of your bird."

Just like a surgeon can't expect to go straight from book learning to performing operations without spending years watching other professional surgeons in action and then practicing under the watchful eye of experienced mentors, bird owners can now learn effective training techniques used by the Womachs who have created 'Thrillusionist' magic shows with their birds in over 20 countries. They have performed for Disney, Princess, Norwegian, and Holland America Cruise Lines and, Ringling Bros.

"Birds are highly intelligent, complex creatures that often have the learning capacity of toddlers. In just a couple of seconds, their eye movements, body posture, feather positions, feet movements, beak position and more can communicate a dozen different messages to you," he said.

"Plus, your bird learns fast. It's easy to teach your bird lessons accidentally. Like to bite you. Or scream. Or to hate your hands," he said.

"One Day Miracles" uses Reality TV techniques to bring theater to bird training.

"So don't be surprised when you find yourself laughing along, cheering and then tearing up a little as families are united through this day of training," said Jamie Womach.  "And loving connections are finally made between these birds and their people – after years, even decades, of living together without understanding one another."

All 12 episodes of "One Day Miracles" costs only $97, and includes two bonus DVDs:

  • "Motivating Your Parrot To Train" ($14.95 value)
  • "Damage Control & Trouble Shooting" ($19.95 value)

The product carries a money-back guarantee for 60 days.

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