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Rightware Unveils Next-Generation of its Powerful UX Development Platform - Kanzi

Kanzi 2.5.2 Adds Groundbreaking New Features Combined with Native Performance and Efficiency for Scalable, Riskless Development, Across Multiple Operating Systems

ESPOO, Finland--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Rightware®, the leader in embedded user interface (UI) technologies, introduced today Kanzi® UX Solution 2.5.2, the newest release of its UX design and deployment solution that has been adopted by customers across multiple platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, Audi cars and more. Kanzi version 2.5.2 is available immediately for download at

"Since our first version, the Kanzi UX Solution has been focused on the democratization of interactive touch based user experiences and delivering an impressive list of technological advances making it the technology of choice for developers," said Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware. "We have been driven by innovation and a desire to always offer the best capabilities to developers. Kanzi 2.5.2 is built on that same promise and allows our customers to further expand the reach of their applications to new platforms and audiences."

Kanzi® enables creation of visually stunning user experiences with the help of powerful tool chain and industry’s most optimized solution that boosts designers and developers in creation of touch user interfaces for variety of different embedded devices. Kanzi® provides a complete set of seamlessly integrated technologies – UI engine, design tool and complementary graphics effects libraries – that together allow translation of next-generation device requirements and hardware capabilities into superior user experiences, with minimal resources and effort.

New and Enhanced Features in Kanzi 2.5.2:

New features included in the Kanzi 2.5.2 release, include:

  • Animation blending, allowing a developer to run multiple animations and adjust the weight with which each animation is applied.
  • A new thread-safe memory manager: Can be used optionally.
  • Raw image formats: RGB, Alpha, Greyscale, Greyscale_alpha which will allow developers to achieve considerable performance savings
  • Property binding: Properties can be bound together. By changing one property, developers can define how the other property behaves.
  • Tags: An addition to the existing groups mechanism. Objects can be tagged to specific render passes or for searching - A useful feature for managing large projects.

Kanzi 2.5.2 also supports real-time streaming of data, vertex and fragment shaders, multi-texturing and dynamic lighting. There is also a versatile animation framework supporting key frame animations, such as vertex, object and bone based animations.

In addition, Kanzi features a “one click” feature to build Android APK installation package. This package is automatically copied to the target device via the USB cable, instantly installed and executed flawlessly. The result, in just few seconds developers will have a fully working application displayed on your target devices screen.

In terms of designer’s work flow, Kanzi provides the missing link between today’s leading 3D graphics content creation tools, such as 3DS Max, Maya and XSI on the one hand, and cell phones on the other hand. Artists can easily export their designs from these software packages to Kanzi SDK using COLLADA data format. Designers then rapidly compose the actual user interface application and apply all 3D graphics effects within the Kanzi SDK itself. The tool features a desktop runtime of the Kanzi engine to bring a real-time view of the final application at the desktop. This feature eliminates the need to continuously build the project to target device during development in order to inspect it. Therefore, design cycle shortens substantially while the designer is better able to realize her vision.

Kanzi runtime can be integrated to a wide variety of target devices, even those with different operating systems and hardware architectures. Applications made with Kanzi SDK will execute properly in all these devices, thus giving greater return on investment for the application developer.

Key advantage of the Kanzi solution is “design-once, deploy everywhere” cross-platform support for the leading mobile operating systems, including Android, Linux, iOS. Kanzi solution is build on top of industry standard OpenGL ES graphics API.

About Rightware

Rightware® is the market leader in 3D User Interface technology, serving mobile, automotive and other embedded industries with its Kanzi® solution for rapid 3D user interface design and deployment. Rightware has introduced the world’s first commercially available stereoscopic 3D (S3D) UI solution for embedded devices. Rightware also develops industry leading system performance analysis tools and its renowned product portfolio includes the Basemark™ product family for various benchmarking purposes, including industry standard benchmarks for OpenGL ES, OpenVG, OpenCL, Android, Linux, and Windows Mobile performance measurement. Rightware is headquartered in Espoo, Finland and has offices in Saratoga, CA, Shanghai and Munich. More information:

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