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Rocketlist - Videos and Tools To Inspire Students to Learn Real World Skills of the Future

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Kuato Studios, an education company backed by SRI International and Horizons Ventures, launched a new website today called, to inspire students, of all ages, to harness their creativity and passion and learn the important real world skills - coding, design, engineering, storytelling, science, critical thinking and marketing - in high demand from companies around the world.

The Rocketlist team found in extensive interviews with teenagers that they wanted to understand the connections, skills and path that people took to become successful today. So they interviewed a wide list of designers, developers, marketers, entrepreneurs and problem solvers where they talk about the decisions they made, and the skills they learnt as teenagers.

Rocketlist also offers tools and resources to get started now to learn and excel at these skills. Challenges and opportunities will be released for students and schools to demonstrate their prowess and encourage growth.

The initial Rocketlist (videos are released during 2012) will be:

  • Franklyn Chien, co-founder of LearnSprout
  • Krista Donaldson, CEO of D-Rev: Design Revolution
  • Jesse Hamlin, technology public relations at Eastwick
  • Conor Mccreedy, internationally known artist, entrepreneur and art collector
  • Mimi Nguyen, co-founder of Thread Media, Inc. and Pencils of Promise
  • Roi Oron, co-founder and CEO of Groovideo
  • James Proud, founder of GigLocator, first exit from 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship
  • Nimrod Ram, co-founder at Deja
  • Nitin Rao, co-founder at Sunglass
  • Alex Wu, marketing, communications and partnerships at Quora


"I've spent my career working alongside some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in various industries. I've learned more from the risk-takers and the troublemakers than those people who played it safe, and I want these real world skills, to get the attention and support they deserve especially for the teenagers who will create the future" - Frank Meehan, CEO of Kuato Studios

"My mom thought I was a drug dealer, but drug dealers don't get checks in the mail," said James Proud, founder of GigLocator and first class of 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship

"If you you pick yourself up? Do you try even harder, faster, stronger? Everyone fails. It's what you do afterwards that really matters," said Franklyn Chien, co-founder of LearnSprout.

"[Without coding] we could brainstorm or think of an idea, but nothing will happen with it. The cool thing about coding is that you can decide [on an idea] and an hour later you are online, you can use it, you can see it, you can share it with your friends," said Roi Oron, founder of Groovideo.


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About Rocketlist

Rocketlist was created by Kuato Studios is a new company backed by SRI International and Horizons Ventures that includes creatives, designers, developers, educators and gamers on a mission to inspire students of all ages to learn the all important real world skills of the future – coding, design, science, engineering, marketing, branding – that are in high demand from companies everywhere.

About Kuato Studios

The Kuato Studios team are building graphically rich and highly engaging products for learning around a next generation artificial intelligence engine from SRI International (creators of Siri). This engine is a brand new personal assistant technology that will enable a much deeper, more personal experience when learning something via software. 


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