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SAS® High-Performance Marketing Optimization Takes on Big Analytics

Optimization Solution from SAS Selects the Best Offer out of Trillions of Possibilities with Unprecedented Speed, Freeing Marketing Resources, Increasing Output

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The ability to optimize campaigns quickly and against massive data volumes is a hallmark of high-performing marketing organizations. With unprecedented speed SAS® High-Performance Marketing Optimization, from business analytics software provider SAS, a leader in integrated marketing management, applies high-performance analytics to tens of millions of rows of customer data to help chief marketing officers and their teams solve complex business issues such as how to maximize profit, enforce contact policies, and stay within budget.

SAS High-Performance Marketing Optimization is so fast that organizations can now perform “what-if” analysis in minutes. A marketer with hundreds of campaign offers, thousands of contact policy constraints, and millions of rows of customer records can quantitatively predict the impact of changes in near-real-time. Previously, such scenarios could take hours if not days to run. Now, multiple runs, adjustments, and re-runs can be executed within hours or even minutes.

“I cannot stress enough the importance to marketers of being able to predict the impact of new programs before they deploy them,” said James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions. “The faster and more accurately they can conduct what-if scenario analysis (to iterate and refine results), the more adjustments can be made to determine the perfect combination of channel, time, product and customer.”

A company experiencing sudden churn due to a competitor launch or promotion, can now respond quickly and decisively. SAS High-Performance Marketing Optimization helps companies maintain competitive advantage by using time, money and resources – more effectively.

With SAS High-Performance Marketing Optimization’s ability to handle massive amounts of data, marketers can run complex analytics quickly and efficiently against the entire customer base, not just a sample, thus avoiding skewed returns often associated with running optimization against smaller selections of data.

“To achieve dynamic personalized marketing, marketers must increasingly factor in a staggering number of variables and constraints, such as budgets, contact preferences, channel capacities and policies,” said Wilson Raj, Director of Global Customer Intelligence at SAS. “By accelerating these complex optimization efforts from days and hours to mere minutes – not just on samples but entire data sets – SAS helps businesses analyze, test and implement the best decisions to meet ROI objectives.”

SAS High-Performance Marketing Optimization offers the ability to:

  • Rapidly optimize massive volumes of customer data.
  • Quickly solve complex optimization challenges.
  • Run optimizations against the entire set of customer data, not just a sample or control group.
  • Integrate with SAS High-Performance Analytics – massive amounts of customer data are distributed, optimized and returned in an easy and efficient fashion.

SAS High-Performance Marketing Optimization is the first marketing solution to join the SAS High-Performance Analytics product family. It joins other offerings for analytics, retail, risk management and data visualization uses. Enhancements to SAS High-Performance Analytics Server were also announced today.

Today's announcement came at The Premier Business Leadership Series event in Las Vegas, a thought-leadership conference presented by SAS that brings together more than 600 senior-level attendees from the public and private sectors to share ideas on critical business issues. Please follow the event on Twitter by searching for #PBLS12.

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