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Scripps Center for Executive Health to Provide Patients with Pathway Genomics’ Genetic Tests

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pathway Genomics Corporation, a San Diego-based clinical laboratory that globally offers genetic insight to patients based on scientifically validated tests, has announced that it has partnered with Scripps Center for Executive Health. The partnership complements Scripps Center for Executive Health, allowing it to offer elements of Pathway Genomics' extensive suite of genetic tests to patients through Scripps Health physicians, clinics, hospitals and other health care organizations.

In aligning with Scripps Center for Executive Health's mission of providing early detection and preventive health care strategies for its clients, the ability to offer Pathway Genomics' genetic testing services will assist physicians and patients in personalizing their health management strategies according to a patient’s genetic risks.

“Pathway’s ongoing mission is to help individuals personalize their health care experiences, and help them live their lives in a healthy way,” said Jim Plante, Pathway Genomics' founder and CEO. “We are proud to align with Scripps Center for Executive Health, as they have also demonstrated an active interest in doing the same.”

Through Scripps Center for Executive Health, patients now have access to Pathway Genomics' genetic tests, which include testing for diet, nutrition and exercise response, and the propensity to develop serious diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and common cancers.

“The Scripps Center for Executive Health WholePersonTM Examination offers our patients the highest quality care available – our patients expect that level of care and that is what we give them,” said James Tuck, manager at Scripps Center for Executive Health. “Genetic testing will play a crucial role in empowering our patients to take preventative steps to maintaining their health and in further staving off the expression of diseases associated with specific genetic markers.”

The genetic analysis and interpretation is conducted by Pathway Genomics, and all that is needed from the patient is a saliva sample and completion of a brief health and lifestyle questionnaire. The results of the test can then be incorporated into a customized long-term health strategy, provided by a Scripps Center for Executive Health physician.

About Pathway Genomics

Pathway Genomics owns and operates an on-site genetic testing laboratory that is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), accredited in accordance with the U.S. Health and Human Services’ Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) of 1988, and licensed by the state of California. Using only a saliva sample, the company incorporates customized and scientifically validated technologies to generate personalized reports, which address a variety of medical issues, including an individual’s carrier status for recessive genetic conditions, food metabolism and exercise response, prescription drug response, and propensity to develop certain diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. For more information about Pathway Genomics, visit

About Scripps Health

Founded in 1924 by philanthropist Ellen Browning Scripps, Scripps Health is a $2.2 billion, private not-for-profit community health system based in San Diego, Calif. Scripps treats a half-million patients annually through the dedication of 2,500 affiliated physicians and 13,000 employees among its five acute-care hospital campuses, home health care services, and ambulatory care network of physician offices and 19 outpatient centers and clinics. More information can be found at

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