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SMCOV: REINVENTING & RE-ENERGIZING The World of Global Business Training

DALLAS, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SMCOV, the top innovator of highly sought after world-class Intellectual Property (IP) and distribution announced today the launch of a global training network led by former FranklinCovey COO's David Covey and Stephan Mardyks. SMCOV is releasing a revolutionary approach to training throughout the world. Their creative content adeptly addresses the many complex challenges currently facing both individuals and organizations today. 

"SMCOV is all about unleashing amazing human capabilities," according to Covey, their content "taps into our most natural, innate gifts to give us the specific skills and capacities to both resolve our problems and lead our lives with limitless potential."

SMCOV distributes cutting-edge training programs from some of the most ground-breaking thought leaders around the globe.

"Creating the absolute best worldwide network requires a truly global mindset," Mardyks said. "Our vision is to continue assembling paradigm-shifting content that responds to the complex workforce challenges of our time," Mardyks continues, "there is a definitive need to uncomplicate the complicated, and SMCOV DNA is specially encoded to do just that."

SMCOV has already aligned itself with an impressive arsenal of Intellectual Properties (IPs), which will each have special introductions over the coming weeks.

"We are very excited to reveal these fascinating brands to the world and expect that they will indeed impact millions of lives," Covey said.

"Most training content has been developed in the last 20-30 years and is therefore very outdated," said Mardyks. "Today's jobs require a very different mindset and new complex skills to succeed in the modern marketplace. Our solutions provide both individuals and companies with the best chance to become relevant and resilient in today's highly turbulent work environment."

Executive Profiles of SMCOV

Stephan Mardyks became CEO & Co-Founder of SMCOV in October 2010. Previously, Mardyks was Co-Chief Operating Officer of the FranklinCovey Company. Prior to FranklinCovey, Mardyks served as Senior Vice President of Global Operations for the Frontline Group, Vice President of Raytheon and the Managing Director for DOOR Training International. Stephan's educational and professional credentials include; Two Graduates degrees—both from the University of Paris - 10 France; One: a Graduate degree in Law, and the other, a DEA-DESS Doctorate in Educational Science. Stephan received Certification as a Mediator from JAMS in Boston, Massachusetts. Stephan is also recognized for his expertise in both cross-cultural management and strategic negotiation for multinational and government organizations.

David M.R. Covey has been CEO & Co-Founder of SMCOV since October 2010. Covey was previously the Co-Chief Operating Officer of the FranklinCovey Company. Other positions he held at FranklinCovey include: General Manager & Senior Vice President, US Sales & Delivery, President of FranklinCovey International, President of FranklinCovey Japan and Managing Director of FranklinCovey Australia. David was also employed at Procter & Gamble and American Express.  Covey earned his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and his MBA from Harvard University.