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SSI Online Sample Achieves Unmatched Level of Excellence in Independent Test

SHELTON, Conn., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SSI's Online Sample Blend in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States has been awarded highest honors for exceptional consistency by auditors from Sample Source Auditors™, a division of Mktg. Inc.

After five years of testing more than 300 panels in 35 countries as part of Mktg. Inc.'s Grand Mean Project™, only 11 panels have demonstrated consistency through the Mktg. Inc. Consistent Track™ audit.

But after the latest round of testing of SSI's Online Sample Blend, the auditors reveal that "SSI has now achieved consistency in almost as many countries as has the rest of the world…No panel company has achieved this level of excellence…SSI has clearly demonstrated an ability to be consistent in more markets than any other company." 

Sample consistency is critical to quality research.  Researchers need to know that changes in their data are real and not due to shifts in the underlying sample frame. 

Below: Example of Consistency of SSI Sample Blend, The Netherlands 

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The sample which demonstrated this extraordinary level of consistency is SSI's proprietary Online Sample Blend, which encompasses SSI's own managed panels blended with online community members, social media participants, and respondents from across the web.  

Bob Fawson, SSI's Chief Access, Supply and Engagement Officer, comments: "SSI's Online Sample Blend is balanced on people, not sources, using personality, psychographic, and social value factors.  We believe it is this unique approach which makes it so powerful. Getting this external validation of its unmatched consistency is hugely gratifying."

Below: Quality and Consistency of SSI Sample Blend, US 

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The Audit also measured quality of response, examining measures like straightlining and other measures of respondent quality. SSI's Online Sample Blend also performed superbly on these measures when compared to the hundreds of other sources tested. It clearly outperforms the Grand Mean (the average of other sources tested), as the example from the US demonstrates.

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