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Statement Of Abigail Fisher After Supreme Court Arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas

WASHINGTON, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, after the Supreme Court arguments in Abigail Fisher v. Univ. of Texas, Abigail Fisher made the following statements.

Ms. Fisher said, "My family and I are grateful that the US Supreme Court heard my case today. We are privileged that our legal system gives every individual the opportunity to seek out a fair hearing before these justices."

"My thanks go to Mr. Bert Rein and the legal team at Wiley Rein for their work on my case during the last 4 years."

"My parents always taught me that it is wrong to discriminate. I hope the Supreme Court will decide that all future University of Texas applicants will compete without their race or ethnicity used in the school's admissions process."

The Project on Fair Representation, a Virginia-based not-for-profit legal foundation, provided counsel for Ms. Fisher in her lawsuit against the Univ. of Texas. Mr. Bert Rein of Wiley Rein, LLC in Washington DC argued the case.

SOURCE The Project on Fair Representation