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The Commando Way Reveals Military Lessons For Better Business Execution

NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The international business execution firm, McKinney Rogers, announced today the release of The Commando Way: Better Business Execution by CEO and Founder Damian McKinney.  The book is published by LID Publishing.  All proceeds are being donated to the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund and USMC charities.  The Commando Way is available on Amazon and at select book stores in the U.S. and the U.K.

As Neville Isdell, former Chairman and CEO, Coca-Colawrites in his forward to the book, "What Damian has achieved in such a short time with his business is extraordinary... He will always find a way to do what others tell him 'can't be done.' That makes Damian's thoughts worth listening to, his words worth reading."

The Commando Way opens with a mix of good news and bad news. The bad news is that "uncertainty is now the norm," but the good news is that "businesses have never been so well-equipped to deal with such uncertainty."

From this premise, the author draws from his experience as a commando in the Royal Marines to impart lessons for businesses struggling to thrive in today's tough business environment.  McKinney walks readers through the military commando approach of continually coping with uncertainty and avoiding internal friction to achieve successful missions when the stakes are far higher than in business.

In the introduction of The Commando Way, McKinney explains that "A workforce goes to work. The military goes to war. There are parallels between the two, as well as similarities in the language used... Business people talk the talk of war, but they rarely show signs of understanding its meaning... They want to show they're fighting a constant battle to keep ahead of the opposition, to fend off guerrilla attacks, to seize the high ground from the enemy... The stuff of Hollywood action movies. But they're fighting the wrong war in the wrong way."

To articulate his observations, McKinney poses six straight forward questions revealing the principles of 'better business execution.'  His answers feature a wealth of examples from his own business experience, the experience of fellow-military leaders such as Sir Robert Fry, and historic examples ranging from the Spartan army in ancient Greece to JFK and Steve Jobs.

Perhaps best summarized by Grohe CEO David Haines, "The Commando Way should be added to the shelf of any CEO who believes in empowering teams and leaders. McKinney's approach, based on his military experience, results in vision, alignment, transparency and better business execution."

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