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Wish Upon a Hero (WUAH) Launches Layaway Wishes Program This Holiday Season

Layaway Shoppers Encouraged to Post Their Wish Today on

VOORHEES, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. During recent holiday seasons, reports of ‘layaway angels’ paying off customers’ layaway accounts popped up across America. Whether the balance was $50 or $500, these random acts of generosity made the difference in many families’ lives – and created new meaning to the ‘season of giving.’

Wish Upon a Hero (, the world’s largest online social helping network, is taking this trend to the next level through its new Layaway Wishes Program, which enables anyone to post their layaway wish, and gives everyone the opportunity to be someone’s layaway hero this holiday season.

Each year between October and December, the number of wishes posted on WUAH doubles. With that, the number of heroes needed to grant those wishes also increases, and here is where Americans nationwide can pay it forward and be someone’s layaway hero.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Shopper goes to their favorite retail outlet and creates a layaway account.
  2. Shopper then goes to and posts his or her layaway details. There is no fee to post your wish.
  3. Anyone can go to, go to ‘Find a Wish’ then choose ‘Layaway Wishes,’ search for a wish, and grant it.

“We were inspired by the generosity of the anonymous layaway angels we’d heard about last year, and could not help but notice the parallels between what these few people did and what heroes do on our website every day,” said WUAH Founder Dave Girgenti. “What better platform to spread that goodwill and give everyone the opportunity to help someone get through the holidays?”

Wish Upon a Hero is a new breed of direct, charitable giving – the world’s largest online social helping network, which connects people in need with people willing to help. It is the Facebook of philanthropy. Since its launch in 2007, more than 95,000 wishes have been granted.

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