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Xtra Energy Corporation Going back to its Core Business

FORT-LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Xtra Energy Corp. (Pinksheets: XTPT) announced today that the company will return to its core business of oil and gas and  is currently in the final stages of negotiations for the acquisition of exploration and near production oil and gas properties in North America.

Xtra Energy undertook to acquire a gold mining property in Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa in May of 2012.  Now after several months of consideration, the board of directors have unanimously decided to divest of all its mining assets, and focus its efforts on acquiring oil and gas properties in North America.  The company is in discussion with another publicly traded company for the sale and transfer of its various African properties and to concentrate solely on oil and gas.

"We have been in discussions and negotiations for several months now with very promising exploration and near term production on the oil and gas prospects in North America. This shift in direction was possible due to the unique and exciting opportunity that the company was introduced to," said Ms. Linda MacDonald, President of Xtra Energy Corp. "The return to our roots will assure a strong focus to provide the highest possible return for our shareholders," further added Ms. MacDonald.

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Xtra Energy Corp. is a publicly traded oil and gas exploration company, seeking to acquire and develop oil and gas properties in North-America. 

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