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Youngsters Flock When Learning Is Cool: Child Authors Turn to Kickstarter for Help

VERNON, N.J., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Madison Whitehead, age 7, an avian enthusiast and lover of all things feathered or furred, came up with the idea of a traditional children's story and learning book about birds after having lived through the publishing process via her mother, Kelly Whitehead. Publishing and printing a children's book costs upwards of $17,000, so after hearing about, K. Whitehead decided this was the solution to help raise the necessary funds in order to publish the title. Drew Whitehead, brother to Madison, age 4, will also contribute to the project.

Can a 7- and 4-year old actually author a bona fide book? Not on their own, but when your mother is a scientist, as well as the author and independent publisher of High-Risk Pregnancy- Why Me?, anything is possible. K. Whitehead now hopes to back another project, in conjunction with her kids and an experienced team, through her company Evolve Publishing. The anticipated publication date is the end of 2013 if the funds are raised.

"A book about birds for kids with awesome drawings and information is cool. Other kids will love it," M. Whitehead said to her mom one morning when bringing a draft and the title of the book in order to sell K. Whitehead on the idea. As K. Whitehead states, "How many people can actually make this happen with their kids while getting to spend quality time with them? It will be hard, I'm sure, but when Madison told me I thought, 'Wow this is actually a great idea.' Now that we have an experienced and talented illustrator onboard, we are really excited to see Coco take shape."

With over 10,000 species of birds globally, from the magnificent Toucan, to the odd Blue-footed Booby, to the downright ugly King Vulture, there are no shortage of interesting 'specimens' to draw inspiration from. Coco the Bird's Awesome Adventure follows the main character as she travels around the globe trying to return home, meeting and learning about new friends during her travels., an all-or-nothing funding platform website dedicated to creative projects, allows supporters to pledge funds in exchange for unique rewards such as personalized books, postcards, original signed illustrations, T-shirts and prints. Rewards start at $5. Higher level and corporate sponsor rewards include credits/logo in the book or cover, donations and author visits to schools and libraries, or an illustration in their likeness included in the story.

The authors set a goal of $10,000 and with a site required imposed time limit of December 1, 2012, the pressure is on. "I'm both nervous and excited to see if we can make this project happen by reaching our goal. I can only hope others find it a worthy project to support." To learn more and view the project's video, go to (Publishing/Cities/Vernon or

Kelly Whitehead
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