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Arroweye Solutions’ Digital On-Demand Technology Powers Growth at


DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--, the world’s largest online supplier of gift cards via and incentive cards via, announced a projected 50 percent organic growth this year and credits the technology that supports the company’s ability to offer customizable, open-loop gift cards to consumers – the most popular suite of cards available on its site.

“Our new portfolio of customizable open-loop gift cards has received record consumer demand and sales of those cards are driving our growth by 50 percent this year,” said David Jones, CEO at “In order to provide these products to our customers, we needed the support of a non-traditional card production and fulfillment partner. We chose Arroweye because they provide the speed, flexibility and level of accuracy that no one else in the industry can match.”

Arroweye’s digital on-demand technology allows the company to meet the varying needs of its customers more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively than other models. That provides an advantage to its customers, like, who sell thousands of unique gift cards to individual consumers daily. In addition to producing cards faster and getting them into consumers’ hands sooner, Arroweye’s digital on-demand technology eliminates the need for card inventory because cards are only produced when ordered. For, a zero-inventory model is important – keeping an inventory of each gift card sold on their site is simply cost-prohibitive.

“Our digital on-demand technology affords our customers more flexibility than ever before,” said Render Dahiya, President and CEO at Arroweye Solutions. “We’re able to produce cards in any amount with any design, connect them to any open-loop network, and load them with varying amounts. And we do it faster than anyone else. For a company like who offers endless customization options, the flexibility our digital on-demand model provides is critical to their success.”

Arroweye has supported’s open-loop gift and incentive card production since 2009. Arroweye’s proprietary digital on-demand technology enables the production of payment cards on-demand, or “just in time,” only when a card is ready to be fulfilled. Gift cards with custom designs associated with various networks, containing unique magnetic stripe data, and varying load amounts can all be produced together, on-demand in the company’s secure production facility.

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About Arroweye Solutions, Inc.

Arroweye is a card marketing and production partner that provides just-in-time, highly customized plastic gift, incentive and payment cards and carriers. With a unique combination of web-based design tools and on-demand manufacturing and personalization capabilities, Arroweye is the first fully digital provider of plastic within the open-loop and closed-loop payments industries. The company also provides gifting solutions, including customized greeting cards and a suite of stored value retail gift card solutions. Arroweye was founded in 2000 and is based in Chicago, IL. For more information, visit

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