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Aviir Diagnostic Laboratories Proprietary Heart Risk Assessment is Featured in PBS' American Health Journal


IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Aviir Inc., a biotechnology company dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular disease through innovative laboratory tests, is featured in a new segment on PBS' American Health Journal.

The American Health Journal is dedicated to educating the public on health care issues by providing information on the latest medical treatments and discoveries, highlighting companies that are making significant strides in medical and scientific innovation.

The PBS segment focuses on Aviir's medical breakthrough technology that uses a proprietary blood test to identify individuals who are at increased risk of having a heart attack in the next 5 years and who are potentially being missed by current risk assessments. This blood test was developed in collaboration with Stanford University cardiologists and refined in 4 major clinical trials. The information from the test is presented in a format to guide the patient to positive lifestyle choices that reduce heart attack risk and encourage compliance with therapy.

"The PBS American Health Journal is a sophisticated educational program widely viewed in Southern California. We are grateful for the opportunity to use this educational forum to present the Aviir heart attack risk blood test as an additional tool for healthcare practitioners to use in identifying patients at risk but who are potentially missed by current methods. This information helps the healthcare practitioner and patient partnership develop a roadmap to wellness and disease prevention," said Douglas Harrington, MD, and CEO of Aviir. "We admire the public service that PBS provides through the American Health Journal to make medical breakthroughs accessible to the consumer in a concise and easy to understand format. Our mission is to provide health information to change your future and to foster preventive lifestyle choices before heart disease fully develops. We encourage individuals to openly discuss their heart health with their doctor." This segment can be seen on You Tube at:

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Since 1988 the "American Health Journal" has aired exclusively on PBS So Cal in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties. Each 30-minute weekly show features 6 segments with a diverse range of Physicians discussing a full spectrum of medical topics. The "American Health Journal" interviews doctors on location and follows them into their working environment as they interact with patients and staff. This highly rated health care program is the winner of 96 National Awards. Roger Cooper hosts the show along with assignment reporter Lora Windsor.

About Aviir

Aviir was founded in 2005 by cardiologists and scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine to focus on discovery, development and commercialization of innovative diagnostic tests. The biotechnology company specializes in developing proprietary diagnostic tests that will assist in identifying patients that are truly at high risk for the development of a cardiac event.  Aviir's proprietary assessments objectively identify, by a simple blood draw, individuals who are at a high risk of a cardiac event over the next five years.  Aviir's CLIA laboratory (Irvine, CA) complements these novel tests with a wide range of additional tests for risk assessment and therapeutic monitoring of cardiovascular disease and related metabolic disorders – including pharmacogenomic and genetic tests. The company has adopted a unique clinical laboratory service model to provide physicians better diagnostic tools that improve cardiovascular health of their patients. The company is privately owned and funded by leading life science venture capital firms. Please visit for more information.

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