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BravoSolution’s Mickey North Rizza to Host Roundtable Events for Senior Procurement Executives

CPOs to gather across four cities to discuss next-generation procurement and sourcing strategies

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BravoSolution, the spend analysis company, is hosting a series of procurement roundtables led by strategic sourcing pioneer Mickey North Rizza. The roundtables will offer insight into how procurement can move away from its tactical reputation and become a vital driver of business success.

North Rizza will explore the five key factors that make CEOs and CFOs take notice of procurement’s strategic impact: change management; strategic alignment and accountability to business outcomes; organizational design; business process and methodology; and performance measurement.

The series is open to senior procurement executives and will provide networking opportunities with top industry analysts and practitioners. The first event kicks off on Wednesday, October 17th in Philadelphia at 5:30pm.

BravoSolution Executive Roundtable Events – 2012 Dates

  • October 17 – Philadelphia
  • November 7 – Atlanta
  • November 8 – Chicago
  • November 14 – Dallas

Space is extremely limited; register today to secure your spot.

BravoSolution, the spend analysis and high definition sourcing company, provides the tools and expertise procurement executives need to save money and improve profitability. BravoSolution offers innovative solutions and strategies for every aspect of the global supply chain, including eSourcingcontract management, and supplier performance management.

About BravoSolution

Supply management executives are now, more than ever, under pressure to deliver more savings, develop and manage strategic supplier relationships, accelerate procurement cycles, and maintain process excellence. Confronted with these diverse yet consistent challenges, CPOs and sourcing professionals must seek tailored solutions that deliver rapid ROI to their business.

BravoSolution offers leading software and services to fit the needs of today’s sophisticated supply management organizations. Our services organization, one of the world’s largest teams of professionals dedicated exclusively to sourcing and procurement consulting, delivers lean, targeted services to support strategic sourcing and procurement initiatives. Our industry leading software toolkit supports the full supply management lifecycle across a myriad of industries, geographies and business models.

As of today, over 50,000 procurement professionals in 60 different countries are benefiting from BravoSolution’s technology and services – unlocking tangible benefits such as increased process efficiency, decision support, cost reduction, improved process governance, greater quality relationships with vendors and the ability to share, understand and act upon the wealth of sourcing-related data held within their organization. Learn more at

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