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BrickHouse Security Provides FREE GPS TRACKING to Help Keep Kids Safe This Halloween


NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BrickHouse Security, the industry’s premier supplier of security and surveillance solutions, announced today that it will provide free GPS trackers this Halloween through its unique Track-er-Treat program.

BrickHouse is proud to play an active role in promoting child safety in communities across the country. Track-er-Treat is about peace of mind during a holiday that’s big fun for kids – and a big source of anxiety for grownups.

“I have a six-year-old daughter, and I always worry about her on Halloween night, even when she’s trick-or-treating with her mother and me,” said Julio Gonzalez of Hobbs, NM, one of the first BrickHouse site visitors to order a free Spark Nano. “I was very happy to discover this offer. I’m looking forward to a great night.”

Parents and caregivers just need to click this special link to get their free GPS tracker from But they need to act before October 21 to make sure their tracker arrives in plenty of time for Halloween.

“There is no reason for parents to be terrified at the thought of their young trick-or-treaters heading out on their own and getting lost or separated in a sea of costumed kids,” said Todd Morris, BrickHouse’s founder and CEO. “Parents can rest easy this year. We’re committed to making Halloween safer, one family at a time.”

Small enough to fit in a young child’s pocket and incredibly easy to use, the Spark Nano pinpoints any trick-or-treater’s location in real time. And parents can instantly find out exactly where their child is from any computer or smartphone. All they need is Internet access. There are no apps to download or extra fees.

Sew the tiny GPS unit into their costume, attach it to any article of clothing or just drop it into their Halloween goodie bag. Or get creative and turn the high-tech device into a cool looking accessory on a little one’s space alien or robot costume.

Caregivers can even set a “geofence” around any area of a map they choose and receive an instant text or email alert the moment their trick-or-treater crosses any pre-selected boundary. They can be sure their kids stay within the neighborhood limits they set – and they’ll know instantly if they’re straying too far afield.

There’s even a built-in panic button, which sends an immediate alert if a child runs into unexpected trouble.

“The thousands of customers who already own a Spark Nano can take advantage of the program, too,” added Morris. “BrickHouse will optimize their GPS units’ performance for use on Halloween night absolutely free. Just contact our world-class customer service team and we’ll do the rest.”

How can a company do this? “We’re making our entire rental pool of hundreds of GPS trackers available for this special event,” said Gary Rones, BrickHouse’s COO. “As the industry’s largest supplier of GPS trackers, we’re in a unique position to help parents and caregivers. The Spark Nano is the same GPS tracker used by police across the country. It’s perfect for tracking your precious package.”

Please visit to learn more about the Track-er-Treat program.

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