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ChinaVenture’s 2012 Annual Investment Conference · Beijing on October 31, 2012


BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Themed Innovation Opportunities amid Transformations, ChinaVenture’s Sixth Annual Investment Conference is scheduled to be held on Oct. 31, 2012 at JW Marriott Hotel Beijing, and thousands of representatives from top-class PE institutions, financial intermediaries and enterprises both at home and abroad will gather at the meeting to look into the evolutional trends of China's PE industry and explore strategies and tactics in response to the ongoing structural adjustments. Meanwhile, at the gathering, the CVAwards’ Top 100 Growth Firms of 2012 will be recognized based on a newly-adjusted evaluation process with a view to providing more practical references for investors.

Amid continuing slowdown in real economy and wild swings at lower levels of capital markets, PE sector has struggled along in 2012, suffering from multiple constraints in fundraisings and various difficulties in capital exits. Excessive valuations and dwindling ROIs due to cutthroat competition have tested investors’ value judgments and decision-making wisdom, tightening regulatory policies and deepening IPO system reforms have added new uncertainties to investment operations, and slowing pace of enterprise growth and massive adjustments to exit strategies of institutional investors have also dampened LPs’ confidence in follow-on capital contributions. Therefore, in the wake of more than a decade of explosive growth, domestic PE sector is stepping into a more treacherous survival environment than during the subprime crisis and the nationwide PE frenzy, and has been experiencing a sweeping structural transformation.

With continuing influxes of newcomers, such as securities firms’ direct investment funds, industry funds and regional industry funds, and increasingly active angel investments, the competition landscape in PE industry has become more diversified, and with investors shifting their focus onto earlier-stage targets and adjusting their industry reshuffle strategies, to explore exit options via M&A has no longer remained armchair strategist’s empty talks but an imperative practical task nowadays. Furthermore, new investment modes, such as SME bond placements, the launch of the Agency Share Transfer System for Non-listed Firms, primary/secondary investment integration, privatization of overseas-listed Chinese firms, outbound M&As, etc. have emerged like mushrooms, carving out more opportunities for profitable investments. In this ever-changing context, only by sharpening professional skills, improving post-investment management capabilities, diversifying sources of capital, expanding project pools and deepening partnerships with banks/securities firms can innovative investment institutions foster and develop their vital localization features.

Keynote speeches will be delivered by our distinguished guests Kaifu Li, President of Innovation Works, Neil Shen, Founding Partner of Sequoia Capital China, Andy Yan, Founding Partner of SAIF Partners, Dr. Zhanghong Hu, President of CCB International, Yichen Zhang, CEO of CITIC Capital, and Xiangshuang Shan, Chairman & President of China Science & Merchants. At the gathering, these world-class experts will give their rational analysis of various key issues, such as how to explore innovation values in VC sector and how to identify PE opportunities amid economic restructurings.

In addition, lots of top-class VC/PE investors, including John Zhao, President of Hony Capital, Tao Feng, Managing Partner of NewMargin Ventures, Bing Xiao, President of Fortune VC, Joe Tian, Founding Partner of DT Capital Partners, Deng Feng, Founder & Managing Director of Northern Light Venture Capital, and Hao Chen, CIO of Legend Capital, will also be present at the meeting, sharing their insights and experiences with renowned business professionals and entrepreneurs.

As with previous events, the Conference will continue to think rationally about the dynamics and trends of China's VC/PE industry, explore VC/PE investment potentials in various fields, for example, Internet, Consumer Goods, Clean Energy and Healthcare, and delve into their intrinsic investment values and investment strategies in different market environments and different industrial backgrounds.

Organized in various forms such as keynote speeches, Panel discussion and Q&A sessions, the Conference will serve as a guide to investors, showing them how to survive their difficulties.

Meanwhile, at the gathering, the CVAwards’ Top 100 Growth Firms of 2012 will be recognized based on a newly-adjusted evaluation process with a view to providing more practical references for investors to discover real industry values and explore more effective and efficient investment strategies.

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