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Contec Unveils Seamless Solution for CPE Logistics and Repair; Fully-Integrated System Continues High-Tech Evolution of QuickTest® Platform


SCHENECTADY, N.Y., Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Contec, a leader in integrated logistics and repair services for the cable and telecommunications industries, today announced that its QuickTest® automated system now can provide unparalleled support and service assurance for set-top boxes and other consumer devices deployed by multichannel video providers.

Using enhancements announced today, cable MSOs and other video service providers can link directly to a fully-integrated system that includes industry-leading test speed and accuracy and state-of-the-art repair facilities, as well as real-time access to:

  • A comprehensive data base for monitoring efficiency, pass rates and performance for all reverse logistics or return loop operations.;
  • Automated notification to MVPDs regarding performance abnormalities and preventive maintenance needs;
  • Automated updates of billing system status and software loads; and
  • Real-time, live, on-line customer support.

Data can be shared by operators and repair centers, increasing the availability of performance and efficiency information for operators and providing diagnostic information that can help service centers improve repair effectiveness.

Contec will highlight its QuickTest system in Booth 2121 at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo October 17-19 in Orlando, FL.

"Ensuring STB reliability and availability are critical to customer satisfaction and MVPDs' bottom lines," said Wes Hoffman, COO of Contec.  "Using advanced IT approaches, we're continuing the evolution of QuickTest as a thoroughly unified, seamless source for fast, accurate testing, identification of performance trends, proactive maintenance and upgrades and rapid, best-in-class repairs."

The industry's fastest and most comprehensive testing system, QuickTest can process more than 100 devices per hour with high degrees of flexibility and accuracy.  The QuickTest system includes 24-slot test-stations that can simultaneously test any mix of STBs – regardless of manufacturer or STB model – and are engineered to eliminate false positives or false negatives that can reduce efficiency in the STB supply chain.

Honored as a "Best in Test" finalist by Test & Measurement World, QuickTest streamlines the testing process by eliminating the need for pre-test sorting STBs by manufacturer.  The system automatically performs more than a dozen tests, including DVR functionality, tuner functionality and a parametric test of picture quality, as well as a test of true – not downconverted – HDMI quality.  Data capture enables Contec and operator customers quickly to recognize and address issues that require service in specific makes or models of devices.

About Contec
Contec is a leader in the delivery of advanced logistics, testing and repair services for the cable telecommunications industry. Contec's automated solutions and advanced repair facilities provide best-in-class testing and servicing to more than 12 million CPE units annually. The company is headquartered in Schenectady, NY, with locations in Texas and Mexico.  More information is available at