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Dr. Brad Riemann, Clinical Director at Rogers Memorial Hospital, To Present Research during AACAP's Annual Meeting


OCONOMOWOC, Wis., Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Key members of the psychiatric team at Rogers Memorial Hospital will participate in the 59th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), to be held October 23-28 in San Francisco, Calif.  As part of a symposium at the event, Bradley C. Riemann, Ph.D., Clinical Director of the OCD Center and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Services at Rogers Memorial Hospital, will present research results of a study conducted at the Child & Adolescent Centers (CACs). In addition, Rogers' Medical Director of Child & Adolescent Services – Peter Lake, M.D. – will participate in the conference. AACAP is the leading national professional medical association dedicated to treating and improving the quality of life for children, adolescents and families affected by mental, behavioral and developmental disorders. Each year, AACAP's Annual Meeting draws some of the world's most experienced clinicians and researchers in the industry.



The Efficacy of AMP as Adjunctive Treatment for Anxious Teens
Dr. Riemann, an internationally recognized expert in the assessment and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCDs) and other anxiety disorders, leads a staff of behavioral specialists who are specially trained to work with children and teens who suffer from social anxiety, school avoidance and other related issues. He and his team recently conducted research on the efficacy of attention modification programs (AMPs) as an adjunctive treatment for teens with anxiety disorders at the CACs. "An AMP is a computer software program that essentially helps to retrain peoples' attention away from their fears and reduces their symptoms," Dr. Riemann explained. "Although recent research suggests the efficacy of AMPs in treating adult anxiety and success of AMP treatment in anxious youths, there had been no study that examined the efficacy of AMP in a randomized, controlled trial of clinically anxious youth. In our research, we examined the efficacy of AMP as an adjunctive treatment to standard care at our residential anxiety treatment facility. Our results suggest that AMP is an effective adjunctive treatment to the standard treatments of choice for anxiety disorders and may hold promise for improving treatment response in highly anxious youth."

Dr. Riemann will present details of the study and its results to his colleagues as part of the symposium, "New Strategies for Treatment Resistant Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety," on October 24 from 2 to 5 p.m. Also a leading specialist in the use of CBT treatment, Dr. Riemann is chairman of the clinical advisory committee for the International OCD Foundation and serves on its scientific advisory board. He also serves on the clinical advisory board for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Rogers' Role in the Industry
Recognized for leading the way through published outcomes research, Rogers Memorial Hospital is the world's largest provider for intensive residential treatment of children, adolescents and adults with OCD and anxiety disorders. Rogers' CACs are the only ones in the country, and the adult OCD Center is one of only two nationwide. The Child Center and Child & Adolescent Center are nationally recognized for their unique blend of intensive psychiatric care, combined with education, experiential therapies and family involvement. Rogers Memorial Hospital recently unveiled a new stand-alone building that houses the two treatment programs under one roof. The CACs are led by board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists who practice full time at Rogers Memorial Hospital: Dr. Lake, who is also Medical Director of the Child & Adolescent Center, and Stephanie Eken, M.D., FAAP, Medical Director of the Child Center. Both medical directors are active members of the AACAP, a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching, evaluating, diagnosing and treating psychiatric disorders.

Rogers Memorial Hospital is currently ranked #7 in the country for mental health services and is a key corporation of Rogers Behavioral Health System, which also includes: Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.; Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health, LLC; Rogers Center for Research and Training; and Rogers InHealth. The hospital has become nationally recognized for its specialized residential treatment services and affiliations with academic institutions and teaching hospitals in the area. Rogers Memorial Hospital is currently Wisconsin's largest not-for-profit, private behavioral health hospital, providing adults, children and adolescents with treatment for eating disorders, chemical dependency, obsessive-compulsive and anxiety disorders, as well as a variety of child and adolescent mental health concerns.  For more information, please visit

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