ECB BULLETIN-ECB expects euro zone to recover only gradually


FRANKFURT, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Economic growth in the eurozone economy is expected to remain weak and "high uncertainty"is weighing on confidence, the European Central Bank said onThursday in its monthly bulletin, adding that inflationexpectations remained firmly anchored.

The ECB kept its main benchmark interest rate at a recordlow of 0.75 percent last week, but said the euro zone economywould recover only very gradually.

As usual, the editorial of the bank's bulletin was virtuallyidentical to its main policy statement, read out by PresidentMario Draghi after its meeting last Thursday.

"Inflation expectations for the euro area continue to befirmly anchored," the ECB said in the bulletin.

"We expect the euro area economy to remain weak in the nearterm and to recover only very gradually thereafter."

"Economic growth in the euro area is expected to remainweak, with ongoing tensions in some euro area financial marketsand high uncertainty still weighing on confidence andsentiment."

Below is a list of articles and special sections thebulletin contains. The articles can often shed light on theECB's thinking about key issues and give a good insight into thetype of analysis the bank uses to support its policy decisions.

* Compliance of outright monetary transactions with theprohibition on monetary financing

* Developments in the housing market in China * The impact of very low interest rates on monetary dynamics * Recent developments in consumer prices for oil products * Stock prices and economic growth To see full bulletin Reuters users should click on:(Writing by Eva Kuehnen)

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