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GoldSpot Media Rolls Out Deadly Dozen Mobile Ad Formats


Banner Ads with 3D, Motion, Video and Animation To Solve Fat Fingers

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- GoldSpot Media, the leading digital ad management platform, rolled out a dozen mobile banner ad formats to solve the burning problem in mobile advertising – capture user attention, minimize accidental clicks and maximize engagement within mobile banners.

Mobile ads start with a static banner, clicking to full screen rich media only on user tap, unlike online flash ads that engage the user before a click. The 320x50 mobile banner does not provide enough real estate for advertisers to tell a brand story within a single impression and differentiate between real post-click user engagement and accidental taps on mobile devices. GoldSpot is changing the mobile landscape with the launch of Deadly Dozen banner ad formats that help advertisers conquer banner blindness through 3D, motion, video and animation.

“GoldSpot’s Deadly Dozen banner formats have been delivering 5x to 10x engagement and conversions as compared to static banners,” said Srini Dharmaji, Founder & CEO, GoldSpot Media. “Advertisers can now make an apples-to-apples comparison between online flash ads and our Deadly Dozen mobile banner ads. Every impression will tell the mobile consumer an engaging brand story just like online flash ads.”

Advertisers from different industry verticals can choose from a rich selection of mobile banner ad formats to grab user attention and increase engagement, conversions and brand recall. Specific verticals such as Pharmaceutical and Automotive with stringent legal requirements can choose rich banners that gracefully blend 3D and motion for branding with scrolling display of disclaimers or ISI, while CPG, travel, entertainment and other verticals can choose ad units suitable to their brand with any combination of 3D, motion, video or animation.

About GoldSpot Media, Inc.

GoldSpot Media is the digital ad management platform to create, traffic and measure rich media campaigns simultaneously on all screens - online, smartphones and tablets. GoldSpot helps advertisers deliver consistent and rich ad experience across every digital screen through 3D, motion, video and animation, while optimizing the campaign in real time across the best performing screens to maximize brand recall, conversions and engagement.

A privately held and venture-backed company, GoldSpot Media is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., with offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Japan and India. For more information, visit

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