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Humco Compounding Announces Major New Alliance with TS Wiley of The Wiley Protocol


Humco Compounding and TS Wiley are excited to announce a major new alliance and introduction of new Wiley Basic Elements BHRT Base at the National Community Pharmacy Association Annual Convention and Trade Exposition.

TS Wiley also recently recognized Humco Compounding with the Wiley Protocol Seal of Approval for Product Development.

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Humco Compounding, a division of Humco Holding Group, Inc., announces an agreement with TS Wiley of The Wiley Protocol whereby Humco Compounding will exclusively manufacture and sell the new Wiley Basic Elements BHRT Base.

Greg Pulido, CEO of Humco, comments about the alliance, “We are excited to partner with TS Wiley to continue bringing innovative products to compounding pharmacies. We strongly believe in the role the compounding pharmacist plays in providing individualized medicine for patients. Our commitment is to help compounding pharmacists by lowering product costs, reducing the time required to compound prescriptions and labor costs through product innovations, bringing new and innovative products to market to improve patient outcomes, and offering platinum pricing and superior service to all compounding pharmacies. Working with TS Wiley to introduce the Wiley Basic Elements BHRT Base fits perfectly with our core competencies and commitments. While other companies may choose to align themselves with large pharmaceutical companies for growth, Humco remains strong in our commitment to the compounding pharmacists that meet the healthcare needs of individual patients.”

TS Wiley says, “I am pleased to announce the completion of an intensive project culminating with the launch of Wiley Basic Elements. I analyzed this BHRT base and awarded Humco Compounding my Wiley Protocol Seal of Approval for Product Development. This seal indicates to all Wiley-licensed pharmacies the product has been personally tested and approved by me for use in the Wiley Protocol. Humco is a recognized leader in the compounding pharmacy world, known for high quality product, strong customer service and a cGMP compliant, FDA licensed manufacturing facility. With a history of quality and expertise in compounding and product development, Humco has demonstrated a strong commitment to Independent pharmacy and is the best partner to complement the Wiley Protocol. We are pleased to have them working with us.”

Celebration of the new alliance between Humco Compounding and Wiley begins October 14, 2012 in San Diego, CA during the National Community Pharmacy Association Annual Convention and Trade Exposition. Wiley and Humco Compounding will share booth 232 during the trade exposition and feature product details and a special introductory offer for the Wiley Basic Elements BHRT Base.

About Humco Holding Group, Inc.

Humco is a privately held, Texas-based corporation. Located in Texarkana, TX, Humco is a cGMP compliant and FDA licensed manufacturer of pharmaceutical compounding syrups, suspension vehicles, cream and gel bases, and consumer-packaged goods. The company produces and distributes products in the Humco brand, private label, and does contract packaging. Humco brands include Salt Stable L.O. Base, PLO20 Regular Base, PLO20 Flowable Base, PenCream Base, Anhydrous Base, MultiBase, LipoBase, Emulsion Concentrate, Universal Water Gel, Castiva Warming Arthritis Lotion, Castiva Cooling Arthritis Lotion, Miranel Antifungal Cream, Mercuroclear, Ivy Wash Poison Ivy Cleanser, ChiggAway, CalaClear, and CalaGesic. For more information regarding Humco Holding Group, Inc. and Humco Compounding, please visit or contact Alan Fyke (903) 334-6200.

About TS Wiley

TS Wiley is the author of two books, "Lights Out, Sleep, Sugar and Survival" and "Sex, Lies and Menopause." She has published papers in physics and endocrinology on the molecular mechanisms of cancer in peer-review scientific journals. As the inventor and patent-holder of the Wiley Protocols, she has testified before the United States Senate on the behalf of Compounding Pharmacy everywhere as well as brought standardization and quality control to 120 compounders directly. Wiley is the CEO of Wiley Compounding Systems, a privately held pharmacy, Wiley Chemists in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and TS Wiley, Inc., which holds all of her intellectual property. TS Wiley also has a radio show titled "A Second Opinion" on For more information regarding TS Wiley and The Wiley Protocol, please visit,, and or contact Jake Raden (928) 308-4950 or Marty Tricoglou (805) 895-7301.

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