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Ixia Anue NTO Provides Certified, Intelligent Network Visibility Solutions for Carrier-Grade, High-Density Networks


Anue NTO receives NEBS Level 3 certification, ensuring operation under the environmental extremes found in telecommunications and service provider networks

CALABASAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Ixia (Nasdaq: XXIA) announced the industry’s only carrier-grade, high-density, 40 Gbps network monitoring switch to achieve NEBS Level 3 certification for operation in mission-critical telecommunications environments. This certification complements Ixia’s comprehensive portfolio of network monitoring switches designed to provide increased visibility into telecommunications and service provider networks, such as 4G LTE.

The NEBS-certified Ixia Anue Net Tool Optimizer® solutions help network engineers address the challenges of monitoring and testing high-performance, complex networks with limited visibility access points. By aggregating data from multiple network access points, these solutions deliver critical network traffic to the essential monitoring tools, giving network operators a competitive business advantage in the form of increased network visibility. Ixia continues to lead the industry - being the first to market - with its NEBS Level 3 certified products.

News highlights: Network visibility solutions for telecommunications and service providers

  • The Anue NTO 5293, the latest solution to achieve NEBS Level 3 certification, helps telecommunications, service providers and large enterprise customers improve data center productivity by connecting multiple monitoring tools to a large number of 40GbE, 10GbE and 1GbE interfaces.
    • NEBS Level 3 certification ensures that the Anue NTO products will operate under the environmental extremes found in a central office with strict specifications such as fire suppression, thermal margin testing, vibration resistance, airflow patterns, acoustic limits, failover and partial operational requirements, failure severity levels, RF emissions and tolerances, and testing/certification requirements.
  • Ixia’s telecommunications and carrier provider solutions portfolio includes two carrier-grade switches:
    • Anue NTO 5293 - a high-density, high-availability network monitoring switch that efficiently connects multiple network monitoring tools to a large number of ports facilitating visibility into the packet network. It has a 640 Gbps, non-blocking backplane for up to 16 40GbE ports or up to 64 10GbE ports.
    • Anue NTO 5273 - a high-availability network monitoring switch designed for telecommunications and cable service providers. The Anue NTO 5273 helps service providers meet the increased bandwidth demands created by rapidly growing mobile and video content traffic. The advanced packet processing features of the AFM enhance the NTO’s capability to aggregate, replicate and filter network monitoring traffic.


“As the mobile networks become more complex, the need for carrier-grade network monitoring switches continues to grow,” said Iain Gillott, founder and president of iGR. “NEBS Level 3 certification is critical in telecommunications, especially as the mobile operators deploy 4G LTE network technologies and services.”

The Anue NTO 5293 was tested and certified by MET Laboratories, a leading NEBS test lab. “NEBS Level 3 certification is a very strict test regimen for the most demanding telecom environments,” said Troy Franklin, director of MET’s Environmental & Energy Laboratory. “For example, the test environment includes failover and partial operational requirements, RF emissions and tolerances, and the testing of airflow patterns.”

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Ixia provides the industry’s most comprehensive converged IP network validation and network visibility solutions. Equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises and government agencies use Ixia’s solutions to design, verify and monitor a broad range of wired, Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE equipment and networks. Ixia’s test solutions emulate realistic media-rich traffic and network conditions so that customers can optimize and validate the design, performance and security of their pre-deployment networks. Ixia’s intelligent network visibility solutions provide clarity into physical and virtual production networks for improved performance, security, resiliency and application delivery of cloud, data center and service provider networks. For more information, visit

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