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NanoMarkets Announces Release of New Report on Advanced Glazing Systems Markets

GLEN ALLEN, Va., Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announces a new report on energy-efficient building materials: "Advanced Glazing Systems Markets-2012."  According to NanoMarkets, the advanced glazing systems market already generates around $550 million (USD) in revenues annually and this number is expected to double by 2015.  The entire advanced glazing systems market could be worth as much as $5.8 billion by 2017.  Details of the report are available at:

About the Report:

Advanced glazing systems in this report include: (1) IGUs designed to achieve ultra-low U values; (2) both passive and active dynamic glazing; and (3) windows that integrate photovoltaics and OLED lighting. This study also contains granular eight-year forecasts in both value ($ million) and area terms.  Breakouts are provided by product type, materials used, and the geographies in which glazing systems are sold. 

Key players discussed include: 3M, Asahi Glass, Aspen Aerogels, Bayer, Beijing All Brilliant, Chiefway, Chromogenics, Citala, Dai Nippon Ink, DuPont, Eastman Chemical, Garware Plastics, Graham Architectural Products, Guardian, GlasNovations,  GlassX, Hitachi Chemicals, Johnson Laminations,  Kawneer/Traco,  Madico, NSG, Pleotint, Polytron Technologies, PPG, RavenBrick, RFI, Saint-Gobain, Sage Electrochromics, Schott Glass, Smart Glass International Southwall Technologies, Soladigm, Switch Materials and US e-Chromic.

From the Report:

This market is being driven by energy cost reduction and improved efficiencies.  Also, mandates for zero-energy buildings cannot be easily achieved without improved glazing technologies.  NanoMarkets reports that the much needed improvements for glazing systems will come from both additional functionality and new materials.

Adding functionality to glazing systems will continue generating new business revenues.  Dynamic glazing is already replacing older window films and currently accounts for more than $0.5 billion in annual sales.  Integration of advanced glazing systems with lighting management systems is a near-term opportunity and NanoMarkets also believes that within a few years that window-integrated photovoltaics -- and perhaps lighting -- will become part of the mix. 

On the new materials front, NanoMarkets sees an immediate need for both improved materials and designs for framing advanced glazing.  Efforts to provide such materials are primarily aimed at future R10 Windows, which have special needs for both strength and thermal transmission, but will ultimately have broader applicability.  Some of the common framing materials used today are not suitable for future advanced glazing systems.  For example, aluminum frames are strong and attractive, but not good insulators.  Today's widely used uPVC frames are highly energy intensive in their manufacture, use toxic materials, and are hard to recycle. 

NanoMarkets believes that opportunities for novel framing materials include various composites, fiber glass and vinyl frames reinforced with steel bars. New kinds of thermal breaks are another area with potential. Such new framing materials are expected to generate more than $320 million by 2015 and $815 million by 2017. 

In addition, the NanoMarkets report claims that there will be a rapid deployment of new insulation materials for inside IGUs.  Already, there is a growing opportunity to make krypton and xenon gas more widely available and at lower prices as viable alternatives to argon. Some firms are also proposing entirely new approaches to insulation including the use of aerogels and phase-change materials.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes market opportunities in displays, electronics, solid-state lighting, energy, and other markets enabled by advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of this kind and has been covering the advanced materials sector for nearly a decade.

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