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New Outlet for Abundant Natural Gas


NG Advantage - First Company to Break Ground for Facility to Fill Trailers for Trucking CNG to Enterprise Customers Not on a Pipeline

MILTON, Vt.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- NG Advantage LLC is the first compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery company in the U.S. to begin construction on a site to compress natural gas from a pipeline for trucking to customer manufacturing facilities. “This is a first for the new industry of delivering CNG to large energy users not served by a pipeline,” said NG Advantage (NGA) CEO Neale Lunderville. “When the site is completed, we will begin delivery to our customers in Vermont, much of New Hampshire, and adjacent northern New York, saving them 30 to 40% off their current energy bills with little capital expense.”

The Milton, Vermont site will house equipment to compress natural gas from the Vermont Gas Systems’ pipeline to 3,600 pounds per square inch and load it into TITAN composite containers for delivery to customers. “Our engineers are overseeing the manufacture and delivery of our compressor systems as well as the offloading stations at customer sites,” said Lunderville. “We are on track to begin deliveries in early 2013.”

“This is an opportunity for the industry and for our customers,” said NGA co-founder Tom Evslin. “The industry benefits by having new customers for the abundant natural gas that is being produced. Our customers convert their systems and will be served before any pipeline is brought to their facilities. They will see real savings of 30, 40, and in some cases more than 50%, off their fuel bills by converting to NGA-delivered compressed natural gas and away from oil—this falls directly to their bottom lines.”

The company already has more than $20 million in signed contracts for delivered natural gas from industrial users in the region. Announced customers include Putney Paper and Pike Industries.

NGA was the first company in the U.S. to order TITAN containers and will receive its first shipment in December, with more to come in the spring. The American-made, forty-foot standard ISO containers are specially permitted by the U.S. Department of Transportation and contain CNG cylinders made of fully wrapped carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy composite with a high-density polyethylene liner. They are comparatively light, can handle pressures of several thousand pounds per square inch, and are more cost effective than legacy steel containers for delivering CNG to customers. Trailers with the containers mounted on them are left at customer sites, monitored remotely 24x7 by NGA, and automatically replaced before they are depleted. Customers have no need to invest in onsite storage and can keep their old burner as a backup. NG Advantage plans expansion in the coming year by opening additional compressor sites to better serve customers across the region.

About NG Advantage LLC

NG Advantage LLC is the first announced compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery service in the U.S. – bringing the economic and environmental benefits of North American natural gas to enterprise customers without access to a pipeline. With customer contracts signed, equipment ordered, and construction underway, the Company will begin deliveries in early 2013 in Vermont, New Hampshire, and adjacent northern New York from its first compressor site in Milton, VT, and will add new sites later in 2013.

NG Advantage compresses natural gas from an existing pipeline into specialized containers loaded on trailers and delivers it via public highways directly to large industrial, commercial, and institutional users providing them with cheaper, cleaner, and safer fuel. NG Advantage saves customers 20-50% on energy bills annually, reduces their CO2 emissions by 26%, and virtually eliminates harmful pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides.

For more information: or P.O. Box 817, Milton, Vermont 05468 or +1.802.760.1167

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