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Patient Adherence Efforts Gain More Recognition throughout the Pharmaceutical Industry


Nearly three-quarters of pharmaceutical and biotech companies have dedicated patient adherence teams, finds Cutting Edge Information

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Since 2009, US pharmaceutical companies have increased their patient adherence budgets by 281%, according to a recent study, to combat large number of unnecessary hospitalizations and even deaths that could be prevented through proper treatment.

Cutting Edge Information’s study, “Patient Adherence and Compliance” found that pharmaceutical companies are increasingly building teams to focus on patient adherence issues. Among surveyed companies, 71% have a team dedicated to adherence programs. The remaining 29% without dedicated teams typically house adherence efforts under marketing or brand teams, or address these efforts on an ad hoc basis.

Each year in the US, an estimated $290 billion is lost due to pharmaceutical non-adherence, according to the New England Health Institute. In response, the pharmaceutical industry is dedicating more resources to bolster patient engagement and manage patient relationships. Though the majority of companies have dedicated adherence teams, many of these teams are recent developments. Only two of the surveyed companies have had their patient adherence teams in place for more than three years. Six more companies have had teams in place between one and three years, and four companies have had teams for less than one year.

“The recent move to develop patient-focused teams reflects the pharmaceutical industry’s shifting focus away from merely bringing products to market toward establishing support for patients,” adds Michelle Vitko, senior research analyst at Cutting Edge Information. “This is a timely shift, as never before have patients had access to as much information about their health.”

“Patient Adherence and Compliance: Improving Outcomes through Patient Engagement Programs” analyzes patient adherence best practices and benchmarking data for patient adherence team structures, budgets and staffing resources. Executives responsible for patient adherence programs can use this report to:

  • Stay competitive with peers who are implementing patient-centric programs.
  • Understand and conquer the challenges facing patient adherence initiatives.
  • Empower brand teams to address real consumers’ wants, needs and fears.
  • Build a patient-focused organizational structure with staffing benchmarks and breakdowns of involvement by key functions.
  • Improve patient adherence and compliance.

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