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PoliTemps Gets Ready for Shift in Nation's Capital


WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- "Hope and change are always good for job seekers and employers in Washington," says Chris Jones, President of PoliTemps, the nation's premier non-partisan political staffing agency.

Jones expects roughly 3000 campaign staffers to be out of work come November 6th and many will make their way to Washington in search of new opportunities. Between the Obama, Romney campaigns and various congressional and senate campaigns, "resumes will be flying fast toward DC," says Jones. "There will be opportunities here, either in an Obama White House or a Romney White House, or a slightly altered Congress."

"When a new party takes control of legislative bodies, or the White House, it usually affects our business — and for the better," Jones says. "For one, we get an influx of qualified, politically savvy applicants from all around the country who see it as a chance to break into the big leagues in Washington.  New players and leaders in Congress and the Executive Branch also force lobbyists and special interests to refocus priorities, and that means more client activity.  We're getting ready for a perfect storm of opportunity."

Jones is quick to note that out of setbacks come triumphs in life, and his business is proof of that. Years ago, Jones found himself on the losing end of a political battle and unemployed as a result. He had been a campaign staffer for well-known Governor Ann Richards in Austin, Texas, who lost her re-election bid to none other than George W. Bush.  But Jones wouldn't be defeated.  He reflected on the experience, licked his wounds, came to Washington, and founded PoliTemps.

Now, PoliTemps is marking its 16-year anniversary, and Jones finds himself positioned to benefit from wins or losses on either side of the political aisle.  Having weathered numerous campaign cycles, September 11th, the boom and bust of the era, a recession which hammered many small businesses and a divided government, Jones has built PoliTemps into a company focused on delivering value to clients and job candidates no matter which party is in control. 

"What makes this exciting for me everyday is helping people get jobs that meet a genuine need in the Washington economy, plain and simple," says Jones. "I've seen job seekers from both sides of the aisle come to us, sometimes after an election loss or a reorganization.  I try to give everyone a new chance because I know that in politics — you need it."

Since PoliTemps first opened its doors, Jones has rarely had a problem finding applicants, and clients have increasingly spread the good word about his niche in reliably providing some of Washington's top consulting firms, lobbying groups and other organizations with the bench talent they need to compete and grow.  As the 2012 election cycle enters the final stretch, Jones is seeing a familiar trend in which Washington, D.C. consultants that work with campaigns and coalitions are enlisting his firm to help supply them with workers as they gear up for their busy season.

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