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SANS Institute to Host Cyber Defense Initiative (CDI) 2012 Hands-On Training in DC


CDI 2012 is powered by NetWars – Tournament Play, a Cyber Range Competition

BETHESDA, Md., Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- To help meet the needs of the cyber security community to defend against the latest attacks, SANS will host Cyber Defense Initiative (CDI), December 7 – 16 in Washington, DC. SANS specialized courses will cover the latest cyber attacks, how they work, and what works to stop them.

SANS CDI 2012 features NetWars – Tournament Play, a hands-on interactive learning environment that enables security professionals to develop and master the skills they need to excel in their field. The NetWars competition will be played in the evenings, December 12-13 and is available FREE to CDI attendees taking a five or six day class, while seats last. "With over 100 people in the room, ranging from entry level information security professionals honing their skills all the way up to grand masters of information security trying to prove their mettle, the intensity of competition is palpable, but always fun and entertaining," said Ed Skoudis, Director of SANS NetWars. SANS CDI 2012 will also include the FIRST-EVER NetWars Tournament of Champions, where the best-of-the-best NetWars participants from the past eighteen months will face off to see who comes out on top.

In SANS top-rated courses, attendees consistently rate the hands-on exercises as the most valuable part of the course. With NetWars, the bar has really been raised, as participants learn while working through various challenge levels, all hands-on, with a focus on skills information security professionals can use in their jobs every day.

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