SHH Daily Trading Summary of Block Deal - October 11, 2012


The Shanghai Stock Exchange received notifications regarding the block trading summary as follows:

Equities & Funds: Daily block trading volume is 1200(x10000)shares, total turnover is 3301(x10000) yuan.

Trade Turnover Volume SpecialRIC Price (x10000) (x10000) Arrangement2.41 2651 1100 No6.5 650 100 NoBonds: Daily block trading volume is 14.35(x10000) Lots, total turnover is 1459.3289(x10000) yuan.Trade Volume SpecialRIC Price (x10000) Arrangement99.36 3 No99.8 0.1 No104.66 4.93 No99 0.1 No100 0.1 No95 0.1 No105.03 0.17 No100.55 0.1 No103.3 0.45 No100.06 5 No104 0.3 NoShanghai IndicesShanghai Treasury BondsSpeed Guides: