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Snoop Dogg Debuts Parody Music Video “Pocket Like It’s Hot” an Ode to the HOT POCKETS® Brand


Snoop Dogg Remixes Rap Hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot” with fellow HOT POCKETS fans WWE Superstar Brodus Clay, Comedian Andy Milonakis and Rapper DeStorm

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- It’s getting even hotter in the kitchen as Snoop Dogg today revealed the remix to his hit single “Drop It Like It’s Hot” with the humorous ode “Pocket Like It’s Hot” in tribute to his favorite late-night snack, HOT POCKETS® brand sandwiches. The rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor has teamed with HOT POCKETS to create a new dance-floor (and kitchen floor!) classic that is sure to turn up the heat in kitchens across the world. The video parody also stars WWE® Superstar Brodus Clay™, comedian Andy Milonakis, YouTube rapper DeStorm and the larger-than-life character Herbie Hot Pockets® with HOT POCKETS dancers.

An exciting performance is seen on the set of the Hot Pockets(R) brand "Pocket Like It's Hot" music video shoot with Snoop Dogg, DeStorm, Andy Milonakis, and Herbie Hot Pockets(R) in Los Angeles. (Photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for Nestle Hot Pockets /AP Images)

“HOT POCKETS are IRRESISTIBLY HOT™,” said Snoop, explaining why he got involved, “and I thought this was a great digital campaign. HOT POCKETS have always been a favorite in my house, so this project was something that I felt I could really get behind. Plus, we had a great time coming up with the remix.”

Clay, Milonakis and DeStorm appear throughout the video with Snoop, and rap and dance to the catchy beat of “Pocket Like It’s Hot.” “It’s so great to be a part of the Hot Pocket ‘Pocket Like It’s Hot’ campaign with Snoop,” said WWE Superstar Brodus Clay. “My life has come full circle. I used to be in the background working as Snoop’s bodyguard and now I am a WWE Superstar appearing alongside him in a national campaign. Now that’s hot.”

This fall, HOT POCKETS is also partnering with the WWE to bring the IRRESISTIBLY HOT sandwich to WWE fans. Clay who previously worked with Snoop is known for his “Funkasaurus” dance moves, making him a natural choice to appear in the music video. In the video, set inside a larger-than-life microwave and HOT POCKETS box, and later in the sauna, night club, and even a pepperoni rain storm, all places where Snoop and crew enjoy their “H O double T” HOT POCKETS, Clay joins Snoop in demonstrating his crazy hot style as Herbie Hot Pockets shows off his dance moves.

“Everyone loves Snoop Dogg because he’s fun and IRRESISTIBLY HOT just like HOT POCKETS,” said brand manager Daniel Jhung of Nestlé USA. “Snoop Dogg brings the concept of IRRESISTIBLY HOT to life. No matter where Snoop is, he’s able to enjoy HOT POCKETS, no matter how outrageous or unconventional the setting. We hope the video makes our fans laugh (and get hungry!) when they watch it, and we hope they’ll share Snoop’s latest music video with friends.”

To learn how to “Pocket Like It’s Hot” with Snoop, visit HOT POCKETS at:

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