TIMELINE-Waiting for euro zone action before year-end


LONDON, Oct 11 (Reuters) - The European Central Bank'spledge to buy the bonds of troubled euro zone members flooded awave of relief across the bloc but investors are now waiting foraction to match the words.

Until Spain seeks help to lower its borrowing costs the ECBcannot intervene and doubts still surround Greece's bailoutprogramme and how it can be reconstructed to look plausible.

Following is a breakdown of the key events and dates thatwill govern the euro zone debt crisis up to the year-end.

OCT. 14 - Annual meeting of the International Monetary Fundand the World Bank in Tokyo.

OCT. 15 - Portuguese government to present draft 2013 budgetto parliament, featuring across-the-board tax hikes that havealready prompted mass public protests.

OCT. 18 - Spanish government bond auction.

OCT. 18/19 - Summit of EU heads of state and government inBrussels. Looks too early for crunch decisions on Spain orGreece but there is a lot to debate. The president of theEuropean Council, Herman Van Rompuy, will deliver his interimreport on overhauling Economic and Monetary Union, which willinclude guidelines on banking union, fiscal union andlonger-term goals for tighter integration. Ideas for a singleeuro zone fund or budget will also be discussed.

OCT. 21 - Spanish regional elections in Galicia and for theBasques. It has been suggested that the government would delayasking for any form of bailout until they are out of the way.

OCT. 24 - European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi appearsbefore committees of Germany's lower house, the Bundestag, toaddress lawmakers' concerns about the ECB's plans forpotentially unlimited purchases of debt issued by strugglingeuro zone states. Germany's central bank, the Bundesbank, hasopposed the plans but Chancellor Angela Merkel supports it.

OCT. 25/26 - Assessment of Irish bailout programme expectedfrom EU/IMF troika. Few problems foreseen.

OCT. 29 - Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy and Italian PrimeMinister Monti meet in Madrid.

OCT. 29/31 - Three days in which 20 billion euros of Spanishdebt matures and will need to be refinanced. That looks like adaunting task for Madrid.

OCT. 30 - Italian government bond auction.

OCT. 31 - Portuguese parliament to vote on 2013 budget.

NOV. 4/5 - G20 finance ministers and central bank governorsmeeting in Mexico City.

NOV. 7 - European Commission presents autumn forecasts foreconomies of EU member states, including analysis ofdevelopments in countries under support programmes.

NOV. 8 - European Central Bank Governing Council meeting,followed by interest rate announcement and news conference.Spain holds government bond auction on the same day.

NOV. 12 - Euro zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels,billed as the one which the EU/IMF/ECB inspectors' report onGreece will finally be ready, so big decisions could be madeabout Greece's future ... and maybe Spain's too.

NOV. 14 - Portuguese general strike organized by thecountry's largest union, CGTP. Italian government holds a bondauction.

NOV. 15 - Flash third quarter GDP readings for the euro zoneand most of its members, which will show whether there is anysign of economic recovery.

NOV. 22 - Spanish government bond auction.

NOV. 22/23 - EU leaders will attempt to overcome deepdivisions over the shape of the bloc's next long-term spendingplan for 2014-2020. Net contributors to the budget includingGermany, France and Britain want to cut 100 billion euros fromthe Commission's draft budget proposal, but differ over whichareas to cut. The main beneficiaries of EU funding such asPoland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are likely to opposecuts. Talk is gaining ground about a separate euro zone budget.

NOV. 25 - Spanish regional elections in the powerfulautonomous region of Catalonia.

NOV. 29 - Italian government bond auction.

DEC. 3 - Euro zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels.

DEC. 5 - Ireland unveils budget for 2013.

DEC. 6 - European Central Bank Governing Council meeting,followed by interest rate announcement and news conference.

DEC. 13 - Spanish government bond auction.

DEC. 13/14 - EU leaders' summit in Brussels. Van Rompuy'sfinal report on the future of Economic and Monetary Union to bedelivered, including specific plans for a single bankingresolution fund and a deposit guarantee scheme for the eurozone.

DEC. 28 - Italian government bond auction.

JAN. 2013 - European Commission hoping for a single bankingsupervisor under the ECB to be in place, although the deadlinelooks ambitious and is already widely in doubt.

(Writing by Mike Peacock)

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