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TopThat Launches Ultimate Online Combat Arena For Socially Competitive People To “Put up or Shut Up!”


New Site Allows Members to Upload and Pit Their Best Images and Videos Capturing Life’s Random Moments, Crazy Stunts and Top Performances Against Each Other for Global Bragging Rights

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Do you think you have what it takes to be called the “best in the world?” Now you have a chance to prove it, as today TopThat announced the official launch of its online combat arena, The free site, which is built for trash talking, in-your-face, socially competitive people, allows members to create, compete and judge 1-on-1 or group-based competitions to see who can out-do the other for ultimate recognition from other TopThat members from around the world. TopThat has developed the first global online platform that calls on trash talkers to “put up or shut up!”

Featuring a clean, fast, and easy-to-navigate interface, members create their own personal profile where they can add photos, URLs, descriptions and their success rate – all with the goal of creating their own compelling story, brand, or TopThat personality. Once on board, they can then browse currently running TopThat Challenges or TopThat Rating competitions, enter their images/videos, challenge any competitor, judge competitions, and even offer frank commentary about the quality of competitive entries. In addition, members can create their own competition to see if anyone else has the ability to beat them at their own game.

“Think about the last time you excelled, maybe in a sport, performing in front of a crowd or just a few friends,” said Brandon Caruana, founder & CEO, TopThat. “In that moment, didn't you wish that the whole world was seeing you at your best? TopThat is built for just that!”

In Q1 2013, TopThat members will be introduced to an innovative points system that will allow them to monetize their competitions. By gaining high point totals, members can increase their stature on Members with higher point totals, will not only receive further exposure around the website, they will also be offered the opportunity to generate revenue from competitions they create.

TopThat features robust social networking integration, allowing its members to fully promote their profile, competitions, and entries via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. And, to further community engagement, members are encouraged to vote for competitive entries, giving each one a rating of either: “Love it,” “No Opinion” (a neutral vote), or “Hate it.” Voting is based not only on the people that “love” an entry, but also the people that “hate” that same entry.

Competitions on TopThat span a wide array of categories including Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Pets, Technology and Lifestyle. Examples of competitions on TopThat include: Top Guitar Solo, Human Statues, Top Michael Jackson Impersonators, “Call Me Maybe” University Clash, Best Instagram Picture and many more.

Caruana continued: “As we move into 2013, we will introduce new monetization strategies that will further involve corporations, sponsorships and partnerships. TopThat will be providing the opportunity to not only prove that you are the best of the best, but also will be rewarding members with cash and other prizes We are also providing a unique platform for brands to engage with their customers.”

Designed with dynamic streaming, high-definition video encoding, Azure Cloud computing integration, Limelight content distribution, and the ability to upload via a variety of mobile devices, TopThat is truly built with technologies that are setting the paradigm for tomorrow's Internet experience.

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About TopThat

Founded in 2011, TopThat is the ultimate online combat arena where members create, compete, and judge in 1-on-1 or group-based competitions by uploading their best images and videos capturing life’s random moments, crazy stunts, and top performances. By pitting these uploads in competition vs. other members, the game is on to see who can out-do the other for global bragging rights! The brainchild of Brandon Caruana, a Toronto, Canada native, the idea behind TopThat was originally developed for a snowboarding competition in the winter of 2008, which saw a huge number of people enter. Today, and after a few years of intensive development and refinement, TopThat is built with the latest technologies that are setting the paradigm for tomorrow's Internet experience. As part of the site’s socially competitive culture, TopThat members are highly encouraged to send each other messages to promote themselves, their entry, and even to provide in-your-face, trash talking commentary about entries from other members. For more information, visit

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