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True2Beauty Prepares to Launch True2Bid: First Ever Auction Retail Platform for Women


BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- True2Beauty, Inc., (PinkSheets: TRTB) (The "Company") (,

TRTB is pleased and excited to formally announce the pending launch of a new and innovative platform for retail sales targeting women of all demographics. Anticipated for release within the next six (6) weeks, the site combines the fast paced action of a penny auction with the assurance that no customer can lose as every item auctioned will be available for purchase at a discount to retail. Further, all costs of bids for auctioned items can be applied to any purchase, ensuring customers a win win proposition.

TRTB has been working diligently for over 6 months to create this unique shopping experience, anticipated for release in the coming weeks. The site is currently up and in the final stages of implementation and testing, however is not available for public viewing. Current penny auction sites target a wide audience with products for everyone.  True2Bid is only for women, with an assortment of products that include everyday cosmetic needs to hot new fashion items, all at a discount. All auctioned items increase by one penny every time a new bid is placed, however, the customer must purchase bids at a price of $0.60 cent per bid. If a customer does not win the auction, they can apply the cost of all of their bids placed in an auction towards the purchase of the actual item, which will be offered at a discount to retail.

The goal is to provide a fun, action packed environment for shoppers to buy the items they want and need on an everyday basis. The new sites tagline is simple: "The Only Risk is Having Fun".

"This is the beginning of the turnaround of True2Beauty, for the past eight (8) months our commitment has been to develop products that dovetail into our managements experience. As previously discussed, we have developed several beauty products that are innovative in design and functionality and are being positioned for launch in the coming months. However, we felt True2Bid could potentially create a large customer base to enhance our new product visibility, as well as increase shareholder value if it can generate significant revenue and profits," stated Mr. Bill Bollander, CEO. "We are in the final stages of preparation for the site, we are working with numerous vendors to supply an ongoing supply of great products and fulfillment of orders. The site will offer a section for celebrities to auction items, with a significant portion of the proceeds going to their favorite charities. Furthermore, we will be doing a soft launch that will include online advertising, direct email, and a planned auction of celebrity merchandise, to be followed in the coming months with national television and radio advertising. Our site will be transparent, action packed with lots of auctions, offer discounted prices to retail, and provide women the guarantee to always be a winner, we can't wait to get started," stated Mr. Bollander.

About True2Beauty, Inc.

True2Beauty is focused on delivering women a wide array of beauty and other great products, through a soon to be announced online retail platform. The new site combines the action packed environment of a live auction and the ability to purchase outright all of the items in the auctions. With a guarantee that every bidder can purchase items at a discount, regardless of whether they win an auction or not, the brands slogan is: Win an Auction or Buy it outright at a discount – you never lose. In combination with this platform, the company intends to launch a series of products under the brand name NaturaLure, from daily supplements to cosmetics.

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