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University of Phoenix Implements Immediate Tuition Freeze


PHOENIX, Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Bolstering its fundamental commitment to ensure that every working adult who needs a college degree – and is willing to work hard to earn one – is able to do so, University of Phoenix today announced an immediate tuition freeze for all new and currently-enrolled students. 


"For too long, rising tuition rates have presented an unacceptable barrier to higher education at colleges and universities throughout the country," said Dr. Bill Pepicello, president, University of Phoenix.  "Today, University of Phoenix is taking an important step towards making college a more affordable reality.  No student of this university – whether new or existing – will pay increased tuition while earning a degree here, as long as they meet eligibility requirements and remain consistently enrolled.  It's the right thing to do."

For students, this means that per-credit hour tuition will be held at today's rates.  No student will incur any increase in tuition as long as they meet eligibility requirements and have remained consistently enrolled in the university.

University of Phoenix has long been committed to robust student protections, and to ensuring that students are able to make smart, informed decisions about paying for their education.  For example, University of Phoenix was one of the first institutions to support the Obama Administration's call for a new "Shopping Sheet" designed to make financial aid decisions simpler for students, by allowing them to make better-informed choices about their higher education options – and how to pay for them. 

"We're doing everything we can to help students understand what education costs and the type and amount of aid they qualify for," said Barry Feierstein, chief business operating officer at University of Phoenix.  "The Shopping Sheet – along with existing tools we make available to students – will provide our students with a personalized, multi-year financial plan, including the impact of credit transfers."

Other affordability tools University of Phoenix makes available to its students include access to a "net price" calculator, which enables undergraduate students to determine average tuition cost, related fees, and estimated net price.  And the majority of University of Phoenix students with fewer than 24 credit hours of college experience take a free, three-week orientation workshop that helps new students understand the practical realities of enrolling in a university-level degree program, including how to pay for it.

"Today's news underscores our commitment to help students be as successful as possible at University of Phoenix," added Dr. Pepicello.  "In the coming months, we will announce even more University initiatives designed to help working adults better connect their degree programs with their career aspirations."

To learn more about University of Phoenix's commitment to affordability and financial literacy, as well as eligibility requirements associated with the University's tuition freeze, visit

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