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Which ACL Music Festival Stage has Fan Rockin' Right Now?


AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- When the 70,000-plus Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) attendees hit the entrance gates this weekend, it'll take a little strategy to catch the many acts playing across the eight stages.  Many bands overlap on the schedule, making it hard to know if you've made the best stage choice, or if another band is really wowing the crowd at another stage.


Ponderoo, a new social app, lets festival-goers know which stage is hot at any given moment, based on the live rankings entered by attendees on their mobile devices.

"It's one thing to rank a band's overall performance.  It's a whole other thing to be able to let others know you like what's happening on stage right at that moment, whether it's a stirring vocal performance, a guitar solo, or just antics by the band," said Jennifer Dodson, Ponderoo's vice president.

No writing is required to express one's opinion on Ponderoo.  A simple tap of the mobile device screen is all that's needed.  Users tap high on their screen above the midline, called a "ripple", to express a positive opinion of what's just happened.  Ripple low to express a negative opinion.  Live events, like each stage at ACL, are organized as "Ponds" so users know which stage the feedback relates to.

In addition to seeing their friends' individual ripple lines, users can also choose to display the "world", which shows an aggregated opinion line of everyone in the Pond.  If a user wants to send a message to a friend or group of friends in Ponderoo, they can do so by utilizing the "splash" feature.

"No one wants to say they missed a great act because they didn't know that a particular stage was really killing it.  This is one way to keep track of all of the ACL stages and let fellow festival-goers voice where they think the action is," added Dodson.

Ponderoo, a free app available on the iTunes Store for the iPhone and iPad, was developed for live social interaction scenarios, including TV, concerts, and sporting events.  Ponderoo, LLC is a private start-up based in Austin, Texas.

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