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World’s First Strong Artificial Intelligence Engine for Mobile Unveiled by Kimera Systems

With technology development complete, Kimera launches Kickstarter project to bring strong AI capabilities to app developers

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kimera Systems ( today unveiled the world’s first strong Artificial Intelligence engine for devices. Kimera’s technology goes beyond context awareness to give the network, devices and apps awareness of user intent and goals, delivering unprecedented improvement in user experience. Kimera has focused its technology on smartphones, and will soon make its software developer kit (SDK) available to app developers.

“Weak AI” – the only AI available today – was developed to solve a specific problem; the iPhone’s Siri and Google’s algorithms are examples. “Strong AI” – the technology Kimera is bringing to market – works without a specific problem to solve. Instead, it learns to understand the user and environment to discover problems and then solve them.

“Kimera makes smartphones smarter,” said Mounir Shita, CEO of Kimera Systems. “Beyond context awareness, Kimera enables your smartphone to not only understand what you’re doing but also why you’re doing it, then helps it to adapt to your immediate needs. Though Kimera’s technology sounds like science fiction, it’s already built and working, and our SDK is almost ready for app developers to create smart software agents for your device to adapt to every situation. Kimera’s AI service applies to your daily personal and work lives, vastly improving the efficiency in your day so you can focus on what’s truly important.”

Kimera’s strong AI engine continuously models the world, providing any app or device anywhere on the Internet with useful intelligence that lets it holistically adapt to the individual. With Kimera, a smartphone not only knows which app a person needs and when to launch it, it can also adapt that app to specific situations, giving it new, personalized functionality.

Kimera’s AI transforms how services are built and delivered to devices. It opens new revenue opportunities for handset manufacturers, wireless operators, developers, and other businesses. Kimera uses smart agents that interface and collaborate in real time with each other and other apps to achieve specific goals for you.

“Imagine you’ve entered a supermarket and the phone in your pocket knows why you’re there and what you’re shopping for,” added Shita. “Several smart agents would be invoked, collaborate and present a custom service appropriate for just that day. It might launch a shopping app and create a grocery list specific to that supermarket that not only automatically includes the items you need, but takes into account your family’s food allergies, handles prescription interactions, and adjusts for the guests you’ve invited to dinner. Kimera gives smartphones the capability to understand your intentions and be goal-aware. And trust me, this example only scratches the surface of what Kimera’s technology can already do today.”

Kickstarter Project

To bring its technology to app developers, Kimera also announced a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is a funding platform for projects from films, games and music to art, design and technology. Since launching in 2009, over $350 million has been pledged by more than 2.5 million people, funding more than 30,000 projects.

Kimera seeks to raise $300,000 from people eager for a new revolution in mobile, where “smart” devices actually think. The Kickstarter project begins today and continues through November 18. For more on how you can be involved, visit

About Kimera Systems

Kimera Systems produces the world’s first Strong AI technology to make phones and other networked devices smarter. Kimera’s breakthrough makes smartphones aware of users’ personal needs and the context of their activities. With this awareness, Kimera transforms passive apps and devices, which today require user inputs, into a dynamic services environment that constantly adapts to users’ needs. Kimera’s technology increases capabilities of favorite apps, and proactively launches apps and delivers information that assists a user’s everyday life. For more information, visit

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